It’s extraordinarily easy and fast, and almost flawlessly mimics a thoroughgoing blow-dry

‘I can’t imagine the average woman has the time or cash to be in vogue regular professional blow-dries.’
Photograph: Alex Lake for the Paladin

Beauty: a foolproof proficient in blow-dry

It’s extraordinarily easy and fast, and almost flawlessly mimics a right blow-dry

There’s a faintly improbable narrative in beauty currently, in which the brand-new woman is presumed to be popping constantly into blow-dry stops en route to a meeting or party, then emerging with superb, professionally styled hair. Much as I recognise that “speedy beauty” establishments are booming in cities such as London, Birmingham and Liverpool, I notwithstanding can’t imagine the average woman has either the time or the cash (some £20-45 a go) to be established regular professional blow-dries outside of weddings, special galas and three- to six-monthly haircuts.

I daresay many would get a bang to, since there are few things as treaty or gratifying as a professional blow-dry – all smoothen, soft and bouncy, with no stringy bits pointing wilfully in the faulty direction. This magic happens when an expert simultaneously rises a barrel brush and pushes a dryer nozzle downwards once more it; it’s a maddeningly fiddly and lengthy process for an amateur to conquer in the reverse reflexion of a mirror at home.

Except Babyliss’ new gadget cheats the healthy thing in minutes. Really. At first glance, it looks unbiased like a sturdier version of the existing (and hugely popular) Big Locks model, but unlike its stablemate, Babyliss Sheer Volume Wheeling Hot Brush(£79.99) is used exclusively on dried hair, and has more in clichd with the type of spiky hot brush mums used in the 1980s (dig was once pulled over by a policeman who’d spotted her using one to uniform down her demi-wave in the rearview mirror).

The advantage of this is that you can first thoroughly your hair any old how, with any dryer and degree of inexpertise – unprejudiced spritz with heat protector first: I like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Quantity Architect (£12.30) or VO5 Volume Blow Dry Spray (£4.40). All you need then to convert it into a sleek style is to switch on and simply brush in every way the heated Sheer Volume; or, for much greater volume, provoke the button to rotate the barrel away from your paramount, lifting it upwards, and take it from root to tip. This on ones own slow rotation allows it to handle much bigger detachments than others I’ve used, and makes it almost impossible to get locks tangled or stuck. It’s extraordinarily easy and fast (about four proceedings for my whole head) and almost flawlessly mimics a proper blow-dry – and all for the get of only two salon trips.