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The man bag has not looked this good in years. In fact this fall winter you need to seriously think about what you’re holding onto? For the European guy holding onto a bag the concept is nothing new. Men on the Continent are believed to be more effete than British men and more comfortable with bedecking a little bit girly. But more so than ever we are seeing Scad men embracing a new style of bags. Whether it’s a tote, man bag or clutch, the choice is awfully personal. When you choose a bag the attitude to keep in mind is the dimension, design and colour and what you want to represent.

If you’re not owned a man bag they do strip some getting use to. The challenge will be not leaving it behind somewhere?


Tote avocations are basically open bags. They can be small, large or temperate medium sized with a handle or a strap attached to the top centre center of each side. Usually, tote bags upright have one huge compartment and nothing else. However, some elite and all the go versions may have more than one compartment with enhancements on it. Tote bags are today even made of leather or interests of it are of all leather to make them look chic.


Are designed to be go oned by hand, some have a detachable chain or leather strap so they can also be haggard hanging from the shoulder.

Man Bag

It’s a way to carry a little something excess that wouldn’t fit into the pockets of a pair of khakis without generating unsightly bulges. Briefcases, messenger bags and backpacks are not man hags. They are too large and bulky to carry on a daily basis without looking adulate you’re headed to school or work.

Check out the collection of bags from Burberry below-stairs.

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burberry collection for men 2013

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