With Summer plunging past us, the time has come to start contemplating key pieces for the unconventional looks that will be gracing our wardrobes in the coming salts. More than ever before, thinking ahead means looking upon someone and reviving classic styles from bygone eras. With that in pay no attention to, let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends for Autumn/Winter 2017.

90s-Inspired Sportswear

Since the breakthrough of Gosha Rubchinsky, the trend world has been obsessed with rekindling Soviet nostalgia and convincing elements of a rapidly vanishing culture to the runway. The boundless romanticising of Soviet experiences has resulted in designers adopting elements of an aesthetic once believed gauche, which has led to the somewhat surprising trends gracing the Autumn/Winter 2017 the go weeks. Think sportswear, baseball caps, gold trains, padded bomber jackets, bootleg designer clothing, and sweatpants tucked into cavorts socks. Essentially, if you scoffed at it 10 years ago, it’s back in look now. Update the look by experimenting with scale and texture; join slim-fit with oversized pieces for a bold silhouette, or tandem join up a long mesh shirt with sweatpants.

The Padded Bomber Jacket

The Padded Bomber Jacket


Looking backwards further still, we see some of the most notorious looks from the maximum of the Cold War era making a comeback, with the runways awash with an 80s-inspired autumnal palette of toneless tans and chocolate browns. As reported by GQ at the beginning of the year, camel was in during Milan fashion week, making it a staple for the Autumn months. For a la mode twist on this mid-century look, update a camel two-piece with a bespatter of navy, or introduce a bold print for contrast.

Autumn/Winter – Stay One Step Ahead With Vintage-Inspired Looks

Camel as apprehended at the Milan Fashion Week – photo credit: INDIGITAL


In sustenance with the 1970s revival, corduroy is also currently enjoying a revival. Once thought of as the height of kitsch, this fabric was returned for Autumn/Wither 2017 in every shade from taupe to chestnut brown. Sluice those old-school vibes with corduroy jacket or work together a crisp shirt with a smart pair of burgundy corduroy trousers from a customary outfitter, for a timeless, understated look. If you’re not sure where to discovery these more traditional styles, heading online is your best clothes shout – the classic luxury brands are a good option, but Peter Hahn is also primarily good for this look.

Autumn/Winter – Stay One Step Ahead With Vintage-Inspired Looks


Since the swinging 60s, mustard yellow has re-emerged at intervals and time again on the runway, and as the sun sets on summer, the bright hue scintillates a ray of light into the world of men’s fashion once more. This boldly awesome but versatile colour has gone through a series of reinventions at an end the years. Combined with a palette of amber, ochre and tawny cast tempers, this warm yellow evokes the last days of summer while absorbing a hint of Woodstock nostalgia. For a sharper, more modern pursue retract on this look, pair mustard yellow with denim or monochrome specifies this autumn.

Autumn/Winter – Stay One Step Ahead With Vintage-Inspired Looks

Roll-neck sweaters

A divisive yet enduring article of clothing, the go neck sweater, has materialised once more across catwalks for Autumn and Winter. Neck mid-century vibes by wearing a slim-fitting roll-neck in a dark hue. For a more courageous, modern variation on this trend, experiment with cut sizes by opting for a slouchy, thick sweater, as popularised by Drake in his ‘Hotline Bling’ video.

Return of the roll-neck at Milan Fashion week

Re-emergence of the roll-neck at Milan Fashion week – Photo Credit: INDIGITAL