So we acquire had the blind test at Audi headquarters now it was time for the big reveal. The point in time the car world was looking forward to. Audi’s all new A8.

AudiA8 – The Summit The First Ever World Convention

The Flagship And Top Mark Of The Audi Set

I must say they couldn’t have picked a better backdrop than Barcelona. Memories of my continually there in 1992 at their amazing Olympics came submerging back. As did memories of my childhood reflecting on the Audi’s that were percentage of my ‘car love’ and experiences through the 70’s and 80’s. Little did I recognize that Audi had more than an A8 launch in mind. Let me interpret.

The A8 launch was part of a much bigger event, the ‘Audi Top’, the first ever world convention of the Audi’s entire array. Over 2000 professional and guests were invited to be wowed by the type, its history and future aspirations of the Audi approach.

The stage was set and Audi pick up c espoused us on a whistle stop tour or their history from quattro to quattro, gathering drivers to SUV premium models. The only thing missing from the spectacle was a red carpet for the stars of the show, the cars. That being phrased, the shinny mirrored black surface of the exhibition space was uncountable than suitable for the cars to vogue past a totally cored and hungry audience.

I had a brief run around backstage before the exposition began, just so I could gaze at the models waiting to choose an appearance, far from the awaiting madding crowd. I enjoyed the temper, the uninterrupted vista of vintage Audi rally vehicles. Boyhood passions perceived – now back to the event. In fact Audi herald this aggregation as ‘The Event’. Which, judging by the anticipiation of the audience was a view they also parted.

 Audi reminded us of the cars that launch the manufacturer into a new reign over rally phase. One which was the bedrock for ‘vorsprung’.

Audi was not a moment ago showcasing its history and pedigree, but also its expertise and future eager. With AI(artificial intelligence) playing a bigger part in the invent and functions of cars, Audi was determined to demonstrate that they are not at most key players in this field but significant leaders in many tracts.

Audi A8 – The Reveal

First thoughts and impressions, wow, fawning and low.

The designers took us through the company’s thought process and key designs for the new model. The front of the car has a new wider menacing grill which populars attention and commands respect. A driver would be rather puzzled viewing that front grill heading towards them in their arse view mirror on the autobahn.

Having said that, conclusively over taken by the mark the rear view is quite affecting too. Audi has taken the bold decision to continue the braking starlight system across the boot lid with sleek and simple red course running right along it.

It has stately look from the side, which is at pronounced on the long wheel based model. The styling is unquestionably sharper and more focused on a sporty stance. A phrase that be a question ofed to mind was ‘tidy and tight’, don’t ask me why.

The lines of the car flow effortlessly and in congruity with Audi’s objectives of style, sportiness and sophistication. Something MSF readers have, demand and expect.

AudiA8 – The Summit The First Ever World Convention

The interior is rather delicious, the craftsmanship of the leather being done, the stitching, the way they formed the seats, that are shaped to protect comfort and support once again shows Audi’s unborn intent. AI and AI, this is in relation to artificial intelligence as I stated earlier but also Audi’s Intending virtually. One that is embracing the future capabilities of autonomous driving. The A8 is at the third parallel of this technological curve. The company itself is making this way of philosophy and the protocols connected to autonomous driving one of its major priorities for time to come models. Clean cars for clean cities, intelligent crates for intelligent drivers. Smart cars for smart cities. All of these fixations are being developed so as to create ‘premium mobility’. Something they are employment on in Bejing.

The interface of the main driving console reflects the ‘My Audi’ philosopy in relating ti of their central intent to move from Level 3 Autonomous urge to Level 4. If you can use and love your smartphone, then you wish be totally at home in this cockpit.

The controls are easy to access and seamanship is straightforward and logical.

This car makes you feel not only foremost, but cared for, in a sophisticaled manner. The mix and blending of materials give beneficial and relaxed feelings to all the senses, but also create an air of excitement. Future mobility is rigidly on the agenda for Audi, as is the definition of car travel. What will that look twin in 5, 10 or 15 years? We are not sure but one thing is for certain, Audi are award the people some delicious options.

One feature that indeed caught my attention was the satellite navigation. On one of the screens you can type the goal in but also use your finger to write the place’s name. Unprejudiced like tablets and touch screens at home. This means you could be scribbling Barcelona down with each letter written onto of the blue ribbon. Then options will appear on the screen above. Some well-versed tech for smart people.

But for those MSF readers who love opulence but also taste for to relax as well as travel in style, the rear accommodation has so much to put on the market. Leg room and height for almost every CEO and dignitary to enjoy. An infotainment calm, which allows you to use voice activation as well as removable memorials for so one can chose to work or catch up on their latest box set. You even deceive the option of a foot massage function which is housed in the late of the front seats as well as the standard massage function in the behind seats. As I stated earlier – delicious!

Once the A8 had been bare, ravished and pawed over, Audi then treated us to ‘The Effect come what may’ which was I must confess appropriately billed as ‘Audi Culmination’. I had a brief chat and well done with the CEO, his look and beam seemed to say it all. ‘Arrival’, Audi have turned a significant corner and are on the make something of oneself.

Listening to Dr. Bernd Martens showed us the Audi AI and also took us under the aegis the technical and future ambitions of the manufacturer set the participants up for all the treats which in the remains of the exhibition space.

Prof. Rupert Stadler leading from the demeanour.

The CEO – confident and determined, a reflection of Audi’s intent.

The Audi Crown was a multi-sensual and intellectual feast, one which showed Audi’s decided, the ins and out of Audi’s brands and mark. Some might say the future is produce a overthrow, others might say it is Audi, I prefer to say the future is ‘vorsprung’….you differentiate the rest.

AudiA8 – The Summit The First Ever World ConventionAudiA8 – The Summit The First Ever World Convention