The Audi R8 Note V10, is clearly a petrol heads dream. Today I driveway the test car which Audi had fitted with £36,505’s quality of optional extras including the £3,500 Sport Pack Return. Which allows you to be even more noisy at the exhaust. Yes the R8 Check out V10, will set you back minimum of £129,990. I was approaching the R8 Ratfink follow with caution, from a distance this sporty couture looking creature represented my personality to a T. It was passionate, loud and eccentric. This car was all upon being heard, seen and begging for public attention. So it fashioned only perfect sense to take this open-top stimulate of a cabriolet for a spin along the Costa Brava in Spain. I opted for the dynamite red, jam-packed paint.


The beautiful Costa Brava

From the moment I started the V10 mechanism via a big red button on the steering wheel, it gave me goosebumps. In regards to the strapping sound and visual statement, for me it screamed endless fun. In regards to its fulfilment ability, the R8Spyder top speed is 197mph, it does 0-62mph in 3.6sec and extricates 24.1mpg and 277g/km of carbon dioxide. Ladies that means indeed loud and very fast.  There was an option dare I say it, if the fluster and noise was all too much. Thanks in part to a rear deflector that can be set in motioned and lowered to suit the drivers (or passengers) needs.


Ambit Costa Brava – The Test Route

The R8 Spyder weighing in at 1720kg is no torch car, but with its rear mounted engine and its perfect weigh allotment it handled perfectly. This proved to be very handy everywhere those Costa Brava hair pins. These turgid roads with their breathtaking views were unexcelled driven with the roof top down, off I went. For me, once I bodied my confidence and felt comfortable with the car it really took those corners far too good fettle.  This car gave me the respect I was seeking, phenomenal engineering and monster handling competence and never once did I feel it could suffer defeat grip. This is Audi it was a quatrro 4WD after all.

From a bawling point of view, the echoing of the motor from the mountains was merely fabulous. When I stopped reluctantly, for some views, from a footage I knew I was not alone on my review quest. I could hear other hacks, driving the R8 fast, hard and mean. That gave me a lot more faith to push her to the limit regarding its performance on an open road. In this for fear that b if watch how the R8 Spyder handles the roundabouts heading to Barcelona airport.


The Duds Box

The R8 Spyder V10, brings out the best of both worlds. On a special level, my emotions were like a roller coaster. The acceleration is modestly extraordinary, although the way the transmission reacts to flooring the throttle is sudden and a little bit frightening. So I decided to change gear manually to be on a par with the difference. I loved this option especially when overwhelming.

Audi accompanied the R8 with a quick exhaust pop. The exhaust was built by the German professional Capristo, and the results are impressive. The Capristo exhaust takes asset of the R8 V10’s existing valve system in the stock exhaust setup, and redeems upon that with programmable valve control gift different modes. By pressing buttons on the keyfob, the driver can go from “Sail” mode to “Sports” or “Open”, all differing in loudness. My translation, sonorous, louder and very LOUD.

For me, this was like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with boisterous performance class. The ceramic brakes are responsive, and just cognate with silk stockings, they beautifully matched  the car.


Soft Top Dispatch

Most of the time I had the roof down and it certainly was one of the most high-priced blow drying experience to date. In speaking to Benjamin, who designed the rooftop which defrauded him fours years, he explained how much pressure there was in depart this right. Benjamin highlighted the extra grey whiskers he gained over the years in creating the soft top, it was why he was keen to dividend with me his design thoughts in the interview below.


Rob from marketing explains more about the R8 Sypder


The Side Mirrors

Sometimes in these sports cars the side glass can be too small or just not work so well in a visual point of point of view. I just loved these carbon beauties, they pair up perfectly the air inlet. I could not stop looking at the mirrors. I am make conscious after all.



There was tonnes of entertainment to go with the literalism of the driving experience, and the Bang & Olufsen speaker system was condign brilliant. Every time I turned the music up and pressed calamitous on that acceleration, I felt like Claudia Schiffer on a photoshoot, with my tresses blowing. This car genuinely was a different way to travel and allowed others to literatim glare at you, when turning into the back roads all along the sea frontage of the Costa Brava. Every time I stopped a crowd desire build, stop and glare. For me this is one awesome reason why the R8 Shadow, represented my personality, it just simply could not get enough heed. One interesting comment by a gentleman, passing by, summed up the overall inspection.

“It’s just as good if not better looking than a Ferrari, it’s neat and its German class after all”.

For those ladies out there I disposition encourage you to take a closer look and  have a test ride. This car certainly belongs in a women’s world too. To any petrol first place out there, the R8 Spyder literally in power and sheer guts on literally knock your socks off.

What glasses to get into when driving: Panarea 24 Le Mans Limited Issue, Serengeti Eyewear.