Sharmadean Reid, the maid behind WAH London nails, has expanded into clothes with a run inspired by the idea that ‘Princess Di was really fly’

WAH London x Asos jumper, £50.
WAH London x Asos leap, £50.
Photograph: ASOS

Sharmadean Reid has fit a lot into her 32 years. Starting the nail-art course with WAH London, first in Dalston, now with its own product rank and a very smart website. Publishing two books. Scoring an MBE in 2015. And as of today, propagating a range of clothes for Asos based around the idea that “Princess Di was very fly.”

A cricket jumper and pearls … Princess Di classics reworked by WAH London x Asos
A cricket jumper and pearls … Princess Di classics reworked by WAH London x Asos. Photograph: Asos

OK, so you force think that a Princess would be more at home in Kensington than Kingsland Motorway, but as anyone studying the style of Rihanna would know, Diana has crossed done with from Sloane Ranger to become a reference for young better halves combing the 90s for #styleinspo. There are the tiaras, the hair, the pearls, the Versace frocks. Rihanna has even said that Diana “was gangsta with her clobbers”.

Slogan chic on a jumper in the Wah London x Asos collection.
Slogan chic on a jumper in the WAH London x Asos collection. Photograph: ASOS

Airs in Reid’s Asos collection – designed for girl bosses wish her – include a halterneck blazer dress, a baseball cap with a bow at the repayment, a tartan-covered iPhone case and loads of pearls. This sweater – with the in sum royal on the front, loyal on the back – is our favourite. It’s not exactly gangsta – not in the stock Snoop-Dogg-in-a-massive-hoody sense, anyway – but it does boast excellent braggadocio: its wearer can proclaim they’re just as royal as any Windsor.