Are Men undeniably from Mars, and what has Venus got to do with it?

It is true, men and bit of fluffs do deal with issues differently. For a start, how many men be subjected to actually read the book? My guess is a lot less than maidservants! Men are more logical thinkers, who seek out practical solutions to problems, whereas women are loosely more emotional, seeking discussion to find a resolution. It should be notorious that women don’t always want to be given a practical solving, just talking is often enough, but men can find this confounding, tedious and hard work! Women do or will have numberless emotional times in their lives due to their biology and hormones result of periods, pregnancy, menopause etc. Historically women are family makers, in tune with others.

It appears that there are actually some fundamental differences between masculine and female brains, for example research suggests that the hippocampus is larger in the masculine brain, which is associated with memory. You may have noted many times jokes about men being unable to multi-task, and gals are renowned for this. This also appears to be down to the discrepancies between the male and female brain. Although there are idiosyncrasies, it should not be forgotten that society and learnt behaviour moves a massive part in the differences. From a young age, boys to men are verified masculine images, and are taught to be ‘tough’. To be ‘in touch with your passions’ can be seen as being a more feminine trait, and possibly construed as being weak. Generally it can be much more difficult for a man to sit down and talk roughly how they feel. Men can feel uncomfortable in these situations, concern embarrassed, shame, inadequacy and discomfort when exposing how they truthfully feel.


Emotions For Men Are Too Distressing?

Men sometimes feel talking roughly their emotions too distressing, and it is easier to ignore. Sometimes talking far emotions can seem pointless, when you just want to talk helter-skelter solutions. Women are more comfortable talking, and men aren’t. The key dispute here is communication, whether you are in a single sex relationship, long-term relationship, or nuptials. Communication is a practice that you need to learn, and persevere at, up front you will start to find the benefits. If you are not willing to talk encircling your feelings, others can misunderstand your behaviour, which may initiate anger, resentment and frustration into your relationship, where it needn’t be!

Though, this might be easier said than done, as one woman may feel that they don’t need to talk, when the other woman clearly does want to talk. It is important to respect someone else’s objective. If they have clearly set out that they don’t want to talk, then it is vital to respect this, even if you feel that talking is key. If you want to challenge this, you must set out why you feel it is important for you to talk, and the aids for you both. But don’t overstep the mark, you must hold your admiration for their point of view, and give them time to make allowance for what you have said. Don’t expect an immediate response, it can be a slowly process, and you may need to seek help, counseling or coaching to succeeding forward. It is also important, especially in long-term relationships to aim for the time to reconnect with the person you love, making safe you don’t drift too far apart.

What Is Acceptable?

Men and women often start off with discrete expectations as to what is acceptable. How long should you be allowed to hamper out drinking with friends? How much quality time do you trust to spend together each week? What is OK in one culture, may not be OK in another. Cultural quarrels can be massive. In any relationship boundaries are imperative, as what is OK for one person, may not be OK for another. Relationship perimeters need to be agreed, it won’t work if one person sets all the ‘boundaries’, and the other child clearly ignores them. They need to be agreed, and each child needs to understand the consequences if they don’t respect those borders.

If you have a really healthy happy relationship with yourself it is much easier to set down bounds that you are happy with. Knowing yourself and taking attention of yourself is the first step to creating a bridge between yourself and another actually, which will ultimately then create a healthy, overjoyed relationship. Understanding who you are in a relationship, and understanding the person you are in a relationship with wish bring you both closer together. In many relationships there are danger takers, and non-risk takers. Spendthrifts and savers, and those that approve of tidying and those that don’t. Fear often underlies most of the pickles in relationships, fear of the unknown, fear of not understanding the other living soul, fear of not being heard, fear of not being respected, stand in awe of of not being acknowledged, fear of not being loved.

Men may be from Scars, and Women may be from Venus but with time, effort and spirit you might be able to enjoy your time on earth various together.