MenStyleFashion had the wish of meeting Antony Joshua at a Jaguar event back in june 2017.  What affected MenStyleFashion about him was his relax nature to life itself. Trending some plumb cool oversized eyewear, Joshua was a man that oozed boldness. I have met and interviewed many world champions over the years within mockery tease. I find at this level, they have one philosophy in low-class when it comes to fashion. Most of them keep it imbecilic, they don’t overthink what they are wearing too much. For the unpretentious reason when you are a heavy weight world champion boxer, the piece itself stands out more so than the clothes.

On this reason Anthony trended a white simple polo shirt, oyster-white trainers and grey tracksuit. Even though this was a recreation event, over the last several months even on his set days Anthony opts for a casual white t-shirt.  With such a congress such as his, it’s all about showcasing he muscle power by wearing stringent t-shirts.

How To Stay Focused

When speaking to Anthony what is catching is has calm relaxed nature. MenStyleFashion asked him the question at all events how he would stay focused throughout his years leading up to such an epic crushing. It seemed that no matter what challenges Anthony come to terms withs his focus always is the same. Listen to what he has to say.

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Gratification Lifestyle Style

When Anthony is asked to be on the red carpet or image for fashion magazines throughout the globe, we certainly see a different sound out to what he chooses to wear. He mainly trends a black tuxedo from foremost to toe and sockless shoes.  My favourite attire for him is the white tuxedo, as it’s the suitable contrast to his wonderful skin colour.

Antony Joshua – Confident Effortless Style

As a sports style icon, Anthony can beyond repair c destitute any look and therefore combined with his force of nature as a downhearted weight boxer, it comes to no surprise that he is well pursued after to model both on and off the red carpet.

Anthony Joshua, frays the clothes not the other way around.

Antony Joshua – Confident Effortless Style

Anthony Joshua’s Love For His Baby

What is amazing about Anthony, is his fierce commitment and regard he has towards his mother, who is an equal part to his success as a boxer. For this excuse it is also why Anthony is a pure example of the English gentlemen. Past the years I have experienced so many men within the fashion business, who look wonderful in a suit but when it comes to their deportments, or the lack of them it instantly kills the respect I have for them.

But with Anthony, his truthfully nature and character is apparent from the moment you meet him. He is an to the nth degree well spoken guy and he does not fake or act who he is. For me I can only define him as a temperate giant. His personal style is even more extremely applying because of the way he acts in public. In fact Anthony is everything antithetical to what we expect as a boxer and his public image is pure league.

A Man Maketh The Clothes

I have been the female voice for menswear since 2012, I trully whim always vouch that a man maketh the clothes.

It is the very child who chooses to create his own personal style, through the way he composes himself within the conspicuous eye, is the key to modelling fashion.

In 2017, what is trending for the marketing of menswear and taste generally is celebrity status. They are as equally s as powerful as the spear models themselves on the catwalk. At every high profile occasion let alone a fashion week for 2017, it is the celebrities and sports heavenly bodies that are they key aspect of getting out the right message for that pernickety fashion designer.

In this saturated market in where style designers are fighting for success to get their label noticed, it terminates to know surprise that Anthony Joshua is sought after best the boxing ring when it comes to modelling fashion.

Antony Joshua – Confident Effortless Style

BBC Sports Headliner Of the Year Award

BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award is find up and I am an advocate of actions speaks louder than words.  For me Anthony Joshua, is already a title-holder because of his relationship with his mother the way he respects her.

In his mother’s own parleys.

“When he won the Olympics, I didn’t really want to watch it, because I don’t definitely like watching him, I was sat down and that was the longest nine minutes of my brio. I had the paper over my face until the end then when I get wind ofed he won I was just so excited, so excited and I started jumping up and down. It was entirely nice, a very proud moment.”

Antony Joshua – Confident Effortless Style