From the canals of Venice to the canals of Amsterdam, it is wonderful to pop up again to Luxury Suites Amsterdam. This hotel is all about family and friends. Meaning when you walk through the door it is twin returning home from a very long holiday.

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I am a big fan of small hotels as they are much varied personable. First impressions for me is all about the staff that greet you. Here at luxury suites, it is all about that. If you are bugaboo into Schipol, a complimentary private car pickup awaits you.

The champagne welcoming was a reason we are celebrating here at the Extravagance Suites Amsterdam. The bar ambience is classy and the piano sets the tone of what to expect here.

The New Zealand pub is right in the heart of Amsterdam on a canal called the Oudeschans, next far from the very quirky Cafe De Sluyswacht, make obsoleting back to 1695.

Whilst walking through the house I had a chat with the Italian film crew. I am guessing there is a TV series revealing about Italy and Holland a true canal love story.
Receptions are the heart and soul of any hotel. So when come ining the hotel I was greeted by a very large chandelier. Whilst checking in I could sit drink champagne in a relaxing area where I could carry off in both the canal view and also the interior design. The hotel has a contemporary vibe to it, with elements of classic savours.

I am all for opulent entrances and at 100,000 euro this chandelier is a great welcoming. As I would expect in Holland, further flowers around the reception area were wonderful to see and smell.

I am a big fan of the relaxing room where it’s nice and stillness and very comfortable sofas. I would come here in the morning to work and it was so quiet and relaxing.

Royal Retainers
As an overall luxury suite stay, this room is wonderful. From the moment I entered I just adored the set out. The space is perfect for guests of up to four people, or like me with my two girls. The panelling on the walls when entering run out assigns it a regency atmosphere. The neutral colours are why this suite has a lovely relaxing feel to it. The space is very practical and can extend an immense amount of luggage.

Canal View
Next to this very cosey purple lounge, there is a wonderful see of the canal to take in. I love watching the locals sail and swim past. There were a couple of nice gay days and the locals seem to be out on the water in full force.

View over the Oudeschans canal

Double Kingsize Beds
These replicate king size beds are ideal to host two girls as a family. The partition curtains are clever in dividing the two beds. It chuck b surrendered enough space for everyone to relax and get on with their own things. There were endless amounts of pillows on each bed, eight to be require and it is why we all had a very cosy sleep. The bed linen is of high quality and the mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. The tufted bedhead is elegance and the mood lighting was lovely.

Bathroom Bliss
When entering there is a massive bathroom on the side. The spitting image door entrance to the bathroom is like an oasis welcoming. This bathroom has brilliant energy and a very large period to create my own wellness.  The double sinks worked well with us all. And the very large bath was lots of fun for each idiosyncratic. The large separate shower is a brilliant relaxing space after walking the streets of Amsterdam.
There are plenty of in general fluffy towels and I am a big lover of the bathroom products from Loccitane.

The opulent framed mirrors add a chic vibe to this engaging bathroom.

Kitchen Dining Suite
This Suite concept is where you can have access to space for gulps, cooking if you wish and be able to sit at a dining table and eat. With kids, this is very important and creates a nice waiting tone,  whilst having a fabulous view of the canal. There is a microwave which is useful, so if you are hungry late at Cimmerian dark you can have a warm meal. There is a large supermarket just around the corner from the hotel where you can pick up piles of food and beverages. With all this comfort it was wonderful to just relax and also watch a movie on the massive TV curtain.

If you are staying with children or even elderly people this concept makes anyone stays bright. With views over the canal, I experienced how the locals live and operate on a very warm Sunday. Once you total back from walking the streets of Amsterdam this suite ticks all the boxes for a chilled stay.
Breakfast is served in the compartments at the moment. But with all the facilities this is actually wonderful and very relaxing. If you have small children I would vouch for doing so. Fresh fruits, fabulous presentation and hot meals served with having plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and qui vive for Amsterdam sail pass.

I feel very welcomed here and part of the family. The location is reachable to parts of Amsterdam one may not be familiar with. The shops are not far at all and there are plenty of vintage stores to explore nearby. Luxury Convoys offers a different stay to other hotels. The rooms are large, the service is cosy and the views are fabulous. You are in the heart of Amsterdam, but at the but time, I felt I was in my own place away from the very busy streets of Amsterdam This hotel is wonderful for concern stays too. Easy to host a guest any time of the day.