Modernization is the life blood of any company in the New Digital Millennium and this also unfolds to the Car Industry. This has already been seen across of integer of markets with new entrants into their respected areas with examples including – Retail (Amazon), TV (Netflix), Shipment (Uber) and Music (Spotify). As consumers we have become reliant on this resumed release of new Products and Services which we have now become to believe this on an ever shortening cycles – How often do you upgrade your phone?

Mini as a Worldwide Car Manufacturer part of the BMW Group has a long, rich history and an icon of the British Car Production. Initially created back in the late 1950’s due to the oil shortage as the arise of the Suez Canal crisis with the simple design criteria – Insignificant, Affordable and Fun. Those characteristics still remain today to cut it the Premium Car Brand which surpasses all class boundaries and regarded by many.

The New Mini 1499 GT is a great example on how this broad icon can innovate within its market to meet this till doomsday demanding requirement for the new millennial consumer market. From concept to work has taken less than 12 months which is single in this industry. This allows Mini to tailor its models to intersect the ever changing consumer lifestyle we lead today.

All New MINI 1499 GT Special Edition

Word go Impressions

Thinking back to when I started my own car journey which was over and beyond 25 years ago with an ownership of 14 vehicles. This has been a kind of multiple brands, but I did not enter the premium car market until my 3rd conduit. The reason for this was twofold – Price entry and Insurance earned this prohibitive until my late 20’s.
Mini’s 1499 GT speech these requirements with over 50 years of intrigue and manufacturing experiences with the continued DNA that they play a joke on retained over those years – Small, Affordable and Fun. It has been show and packaged to provide all those design features any boy racer within us would appetite from the John Cooper Works (JCW) body kit to the rare Funs seats within the range.

What underpins this wonderful looking model is the commercial package to allow the younger genesis to be the proud owner with a set of keys in their hand. This categorizes 3 years servicing with 1st year’s insurance all for the sum of £299 place plus £299 monthly payment over 47 months area to T&C’s. Or you can purchase the car out right for an on the road price from £16,990 as source.

Key ingredient to the commercial package is the inclusion of the 1st year’s insurance. For babies drivers it can be prohibitive with the ever increasing insurance stimuli to own a car with this equivalent specification. The additional benefit of the commercial compromise concerns is the use of telematics based insurance solution. This allows inexperienced drivers to demonstrate and submit driving behavior via either a “coal-black box” or driving app. In return based on their safe driving they can let in discounted insurance premiums for subsequent years.

Innovation can attain in many forms, but this affordable approach by Mini has been insightful and opened the door for the next age group of loyal followers.


Based on the 1969 classic 1275 GT copy the 1499 GT comes with the distinctive JCW Sports pack with arranging features and unique graphics. This includes the sporty bumpers, spoiler, side skirts, tinted windows, door competitor plates, white lens indicators and sat on 17” Track Utter in alloy wheels in black. There is a choice of two colors – Spot White and Midnight black with the distinctive 1499 GT band in White or Gold respectively.

All New MINI 1499 GT Special Edition


Mini 1499 GT has been enclosed with a number of features you will not find in other versions and some that are limited to the top of the range vehicles. It provides a reward sporty look and feel which is under pinned by the frizzy dynamics of this car. Features include John Cooper Functions Sports seats in Dinamica and leather and JCW badges, a JCW steering hoop in perforated leather with Chilli Red stitching and multi-function exercise powers, cruise control, a Visual Boost radio with MINI Welded smartphone compatibility, air conditioning and Piano Black interior rickrack, along with Carbon Black interior details and an Anthracite headlining. There is also a drift of optional extra’s to choose from as well, but for many this considerable specification will provide everything one would desire.

All New MINI 1499 GT Special Edition

On The Expressway

The 1499 GT will not arrive to the show rooms until November this year and from here test drives will be available from then. From the check-list it will have all the sporty feel we love of the Mini which continues to upset as a driver’s car especially down those country B roads. Sample features include Independent rear suspension, six speed vade-mecum gear box (auto optional) with sports car inspired rev like technology which is normally found in more expensive wears vehicles to assist those crisp gear changes.

Within its store segment Mini has created another model which can’t be rival for its dynamic handling capabilities with this level of power. We contemplate even with the new 3 cylinder twin power turbo and 1499c machine producing a 102 hp to have all the fun driving characteristics which designate it the icon brand of today.

All New MINI 1499 GT Special Edition


Mini yet again has not defeated and this new 3 door hatch back provides all the hall nicks of another future classic with this limited remarkable edition and innovative affordable commercial package. By providing the 1st year’s guarantee premium this will attract the next generation of promoters to this British icon that we know and trust.

Mini 1499 GT practises on sale this month and will have a limited television run of 1,499 between November and February in 2018. Hence if you stand in want to join this exclusive club you will need to scourge one of the 140 Mini dealers in the UK quickly to avoid disappointment. Dig is only 15 miles away.