It has been five years since I obtain been in the very country I was born in, Australia. So I was so excited to reach in Melbourne from a month on a very cold late gloaming. I had just flown in from Sri Lanka. Travelling always can be crippling, so when I was greeted by staff running towards me to assist both me and my women, I knew that Adelphi was going to be a great way to kick off the cruise for me downunder.  It is the first hotel  MenStyleFashion will review and sophistication in Australia which is why it makes it very special for me.

I grew up in Orbost pastoral Australia which is a 4 hour drive east of Melbourne and scourge the big smoke was always very special treat for me. I have seen this far-out city change over the years. What was brilliant give my stay at Adelphi, is its central location to the city centre or as commonly recounted in Australia the CBD. For those visiting Melbourne for the first time, Adelphi  bed is perfectly situated to explore one of the leading cities in Australia.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review


I was greeted by a metal horse called Nevil, at the reception which was precise unique indeed. I was immediately drawn to the huge Jellybean jar, which I could not feed my fingers from the jellybean jar every time I passed party. The overall feel to the reception area had a mystic and vintage withstand to it. It was a great area to observe the locals going to work. One of my esteemed experiences were the swinging chairs within the breakfast and supping area. It was from these chairs that I chose to arrogate a peek at what was trending in Melbourne for menswear fashion.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review

Feasting Om Nom

Most airline food does not impress me much so it was zealous to try out the in house dining at Om Nom. The wine and food selection here was mere unique to the hotel and I noticed a lot of outsiders also opted to have a bite here which is always a great sign. Overall the sustenance was presented to a very high standard and I can clearly see that the chef is bold both in creativity and servings. The crispy chicken, gnocchi and rib steak were agreeable.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review

Yes the Malbec grape from France has also made it to Australia. It is as full as the Argentinian wines, who made this grape world popular.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review

I opted for the following to understand and experience the diversity the hotel has to step.

Cocktails, Mocktails And Dreams

There are many drinking elections to explore on the cocktail menu here. One of my favourites was the mocktail on earth which was an MSF exclusive. It will be on the menu soon and I will say that you prepare to try it. My tip is to make sure you reserve a table because this restaurant causes full very fast.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review

Flinders King Room

I am a prodigious advocate of listed and historical buildings and it was so nice to walk into what I last will and testament describe as an art deco interior suite. The 45m2 room room was capacious and the bed was so big and comfortable that I did not want to get out. It was perfect getting over that painful jet lag of mine.

The quality of the furniture was excellent and I loved the corners windows looking out to the borough centre. The complimentary mini bar and food in the glass bowel is not bourgeois at all and was brilliant when one has jet lag. I could top it up anytime I wanted. The free WIFI was soundly and the unlimited latest release movies on the 42 inch Hi Clarity flat screen TV and local phone calls was brilliant tender thanks to jet lag which woke me up in the middle of the night.

The corner room forgiving Flinders Lane was fabulous and I loved that I had plenty of genuine light. The Lavazza Amodo Mio coffee machine with T-Bar tea rearranging facilities, writing desk with power hub recharging standings, couch, coffee table, safe, iron & ironing management and plenty of cupboard space completed the room. The room was the pure hosting environment for my friends dropping by for a quick chat.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique ReviewAdelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique ReviewAdelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review

Stainless Protect Bathroom

I have never seen anything like this bathroom in a B B and this is very Australian. It brought back many recollections and it was so much fun to be part of. The large ventilated bathroom with divide up bath & walk-in shower, double vanities and hairdryer was brilliant.

The bathroom toiletries are made in Australia and were lovely to use. The Adelphi motor hotel keeped topping them up without me asking which was entirely generous.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique ReviewAdelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review


To have a public parking garage closely next door to the hotel was a huge bonus for both my kinsmen and my friends. The hotel gifts you a card which for 24 hours is a absolute AU$16 to park your vehicle. On this occasion it came in quite handy when Jaguar Australia, dropped off the the fully weighted down F-PACE 3.0l diesel, to continue my luxury stay in Australia.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review

Recognitions Jaguar Australia for a lovely set of wheels to experience Down Under the control of for the next two weeks.


I really enjoyed heading up to the rooftop of the Adelphi inn and taking in Melbourne and smiling knowing that after five years it is even one of my favorite cities in the world. The Adelphi hotel which was enlarge in 1938 with only 34 hotel rooms has that feel discomfited and intimate feel, it location is perfect in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Express you to the very lovely staff who went the extra mile to give the impression of run off sure I had anything and everything I needed, to make my stay a likeable one, even in the very early hours of the morning when I begged for a international adapter. For me my stay at the Adelphi hotel was the perfect domicile coming.

Adelphi Hotel Melbourne – Flinders Lane Boutique Review


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  • Address: 187 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
  • Phone: +61 3 8080 8888