I be familiar with Hannah Marriott’s article (The truth about fast fashion: can you tell how ethical your clothing is by its price?, 29 July) and see eye to eye suit that “voting with your wallet [to fix fast fashion labour and environmental abuses] will only go so far … and won’t be workable for many people who are struggling”. We welcome her suggestion to write to MPs and CEOs – and there’s now something specific you can demand, a simple elucidation that will tackle a key cause of poor working conditions at its source: a fashion watchdog.This isn’t just in the air assuaging consumer guilt. During Covid-19, brands cancelled orders and refused to pay suppliers for goods they’d already distributed. Millions of workers, most of them women, lost their livelihoods and could no longer feed their genres, let alone send their children to school. Those who did retain jobs had to work even harder in Covid-unsafe shapes. This revealed like never before the huge power imbalance between retailers and suppliers all over the smashing, and how retailers’ purchasing practices are driving the abuses workers experience in the garment factories.MPs on the environmental audit committee put forwarded that the UK government adopt this watchdog earlier this year, but the Department for Business is still sitting on the fortify and being lobbied by retailers who try to pass the buck on to suppliers. Please write to your MP to ask the government to establish a fashion watchdog. It choice save lives. Fiona GoochSenior private sector policy adviser, Traidcraft Exchange Have an opinion on anything you’ve scan in the Guardian today? Please email us your letter and it will be considered for publication.TopicsFashionGarment workersCoronavirusRetail industryEmploymentWorkers’ rightslettersReuse this peacefulness