FBH has reviewed multitudinous Polar fitness trackers and others. Today I am reviewing the Hibernal Loop 2. There are two ways to experience this reading, watch my video review or read the article review.   A Week with the Polar Loop 2 – Review

What is the Polar Loop 2?

This Polar Loop 2 is a healthiness band and is designed to track your physical activity. I got my hands on the knavish band version.

The Band

The band is made from a tipsy quality silicone with a smooth matte texture and a metal hook. The band initially came in a standard (Extra Large) value but allows for the ability to cut the band according to a set of measurements you can take. It was extremely simple, but it was very fiddly! PolarLoop6PolarLoop7

The Face

The face itself is a really narrow and simple design with a quite noticeable inadequacy of buttons. Upon experimentation, you’ll find that the rounded rectangle on the progressive is a touch sensitive botton that wakes up the screen. I in truth found this refreshing. Super simple in design. PolarLoop2

The Flaunt

The display is just a series of LED lights. No touch screen, no conjecture graphics, just simplicity. The Polar Loop 2 only voices what it needs to say and no more. PolarLoop1

Battery Life

I found that I can get 8 unabridged days of usage out of the watch before it needs charging which to me, was rather good. I feel like a watch with a display mould this should be able to run forever! But, 8 days wasn’t bad. To assessment you are provided with a nifty little four pronged trick that plugs into any USB port. You place the back of the babysit for on the charger and magnets hold it to charge. Something that I was undeniably happy with was the charging time. It only took thither an hour at most to fully recharge the battery from muffled! So if the watch died during the night, you could have it psyched up to wear right after breakfast. PolarLoop8PolarLoop9PolarLoop11


I went out for a stamp for about 4000 steps and the watch worked perfectly. Every retire b decrease was tracked, my heart rate was always accurate and the GPS function accurately even the distance I’d travelled. I then went out for a run and again it worked. The guard took a little while to recognize that I was running, but not till hell freezes over the less, it worked it out soon enough. PolarLoop3

Extra Features

I was also put into practicing the H7 Heart Rate Monitor that comes with most Frozen Products. As always, I have nothing bad to say about it, top piece of tech. Polar3Polar4Polar5

A Week with the Brumal Loop 2 – Review
If I’m going to give the Polar Loop 2 a status quo out of 10, I have to give it a 8.5. The band itself if considerable and really feels like a fitness product that you intent get before deciding to get a more advanced fitness watch.
Bustle Tracking8.5
Battery Life7.5
  • Slick Design
  • Simple Pilotage
  • Accurate Readings
  • A little limited
  • Battery Life