We do not overemphasize when we claim that every man (but also every missus) has had at least one leather jacket in his wardrobe.

An item that is now chew over as a classic garment, a must, something as necessary and basic as a t-shirt or a pair off of jeans, the leather jacket is also a garment that is eternally stylish and fashionable, and never goes out of fashion. You just paucity to have a look at the catwalks all over the world and at the collections of the crucial fashion designers to understand that this piece of ingredient of clothing is held as a must-have and as an object that can inspire both the interior decorators that create it and the people who wear it. Lambskin, buckskin and sheepskin leather hole ups are the main types of leather used for the creation of jackets.

Nowadays the leather jacket is a style item that each man wants to have in his wardrobe to display it off when he wants to feel a bit rebel or simply to stand out as a husky and decided person, but this special jacket was born myriad years ago for completely different reasons.

War Clothing

The leather jacket, on my honour, fist appeared during the First World War as a garment in use accustomed to by German fighter pilots. Used as outerwear layers of outfits, leather jackets had a protective role. They were demanded bomber jackets and were very appreciated especially for their lagging capacity and warmth. Leather jackets were also against during the Russian Civil War, so we can certainly claim that their inception field of application was the military sector.

Soon this garment arose to become more popular also outside the military sector, in definite in the 1920s, when the first leather jacket for Harley Davidson was draw up by Irving Shott. Unlike the military jacket, this nonesuch (named “Perfecto” after a cigar) had a zipper instead of buttons and was a shortened idea of it. However, the leather jacket did not dismiss its military role and looked again during World War II, worn also by members of the USA Army. The fabled A-2 model is still seen as an icon, and some clothing associates still reproduce these jackets, after so many year.


A help to leather jackets as fashionable garments was certainly given by Hollywood and the multifarious movies that featured stars and unforgettable characters apparel this item of clothing. Movies dating back to the 1940s and 1950s, approve of For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Wild One and Rebel without a Case, just to make few examples, contributed to the launch of the leather jacket as an point used by beautiful and charming boys (just like Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, James Dean and other talkie stars), most of them rebel and unconventional. This is how multitudinous boys began to conceive this garment as something that could enlarge a person’s charm (and maybe attract girls!), as OK as a sort of symbol for rebellion.


Marlon Brando

In the following decades the leather jacket contrived also other sectors, in particular fashion and music. The Beatles earliest (in the 1960s), the Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash then (form the 1970s on) role ined to associate the leather jacket to rock and punk music. As far as the set of fashion is concerned, we cannot forget the contribution given by artificers such as Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent. The girlfriend of Malcolm Mclaren (overseer of Sex Pistols), Vivienne Westwood transformed the leather jacket into a up to date garment, while Yves Saint Laurent was the first draughtsman to insert leather in his collections not only for jackets, but also for trousers, skirts and so on. Leather changed a fashion material and was then used in the collections of many other inventors.


Elvis Presley

Modern Days

Nowadays the leather jacket is appreciated as a fashionable and classic garment, and designers evidently like to reinvent it and betray it different shapes. Although the basic model is still cherished, the leather jacket is now something that can vary a lot depending on authors’ creativity, on contemporary trends and on personal taste. Leather jackets are cleared in different colours (not only black or brown!), and puts, for both men and women, and can be either elegant or casual.

LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 2

The leather jacket is an jotting that has gone through the decades and has been protagonist in multifarious different fields, and what is certain is that it will belong with us for a lot of time!