A shopping handle to the best … men’s printed shirts Photograph: PR Photograph: PRSummer’s coming. Get in the party mood with a funky short-sleeve shirtSummer is for suffer with fun – and a shirt that brings colour, pattern and print into your wardrobe is almost guaranteed to boost the minded.Buying a shirt that is colourful and printed is not – let’s be honest – about being sensible. But pick a shirt that “conveys” to you, that makes you smile, and you will wear it on repeat, even if it’s a bit louder than your usual outfits. A sketch out like Ahluwalia Studio’s for Paul Smith is one to bring out now and wear all summer and beyond.Renting is a good way to experience author brands such as Versace and Casablanca that pioneered party-worthy prints. While for quirkier choices, thrifting is a no-brainer: the 1980s and 90s were specially fine for zany printed shirts; and the 50s produced some rock’n’roll prints that were as loud as the music itself.Lauren CochraneBuy itAbstract, £145, by Ethnic group from Reuse this content