Tim Peake power be making history as the first British astronaut to go to space, but let’s not miss that boilersuit – a little bit Louis Vuitton and very of the consideration

Tim Peake. The Soyuz TMA-19M is scheduled to launch today.
Tim Peake. The Soyuz TMA-19M is scheduled to launch today.
Photograph: Handout/ESA via Getty Figures

Forget the Christmas onesie – it’s Tim Peake for the fashion all-in-one win this month. The British astronaut may give birth to had little to do with his choice of boilersuit but his chirpy wave give the word delivers that he knows he’s nailed it on the wardrobe front. Well, that’s the way Stylewatch is simplifying this landmark moment in UK space history anyway. In the consciousness of seasonal goodwill, allow us to impose our sartorial agenda on the case.

Tim Peake at the pre-launch press conference in Kazakhstan.
Tim Peake in Kazakhstan … that blue is
so now. Photograph: Handout/ESA via Getty Figures

First, that’s a really “now” blue, Tim. Less safe than fleet, classier than pastel, it’s practically cerulean blue – the XXX du jour. Second, those patches. Who cares what they put? They’re a clear shout out to JW Anderson’s designs with their space-obsessed-teenager vibes. Third? Top Gun. It’s a work reference point that few of us can get past.

Space chic is cause an alpha moment on the catwalk at the moment, mainly because Louis Vuitton draughtsman Nicolas Ghesquière is really into it. Research shows that Peake’s jacket is practically the workwear reprisal of exit 4 of the brand’s spring catwalk. We’ll talk almost his hair when he arrives at in orbit.