From the flat lay to being more weird, here are four ways to keep on top of fashion’s favourite popular media platform

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.
Photograph: INSTAGRAM

There are thank-you index cards to be written and those last few Celebrations are begging to be mineswept. (Milky Way, amend? Always Milky Way.) But they are going to have to hold, because there is one job that cannot tarry, and that is refreshing your Instagram. These are the crucial updates your be nourished needs for 2017.

1. The flat lay

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You don’t be aware what a flat lay is? Seriously? OK, consider this. Those bird’s eye photos that get a lot of matches – a coffee cup with a foam heart, iPhone at a 45-degree position, Ray Bans perched on top of a passport, scattered clementine segments adding a pop of appearance – is that really how your kitchen table looks five bantams before you leave for the airport? No, it jolly well isn’t, any more than a collect of Pink Lady apples in your fruit bowl looks with a bloody Cezanne. The flat lay is the modern still life, and lording it is essential for anyone with lifestyle aspirations. Never, all the time mention in the caption that it took you 15 minutes to get rid of the bothering shadow and that you now have backache from craning once more the coffee table.

2. The arm’s length selfie

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Replication selfies are for sexting, these days, not for OOTD. So if you are in the fashion join against and the goal is to capture your Look rather than what spirits beneath, the arm’s length selfie is way cooler. Find somewhere photogenic to location, then sit with one foot drawn towards your crotch (this is not satisfactory but “reads” as relaxed, which is what matters) and hold the phone as far from you as you can, hunt for downward so that your body is in the photo but not your prime minister. Advantages: the arm-away-from-the-body is always flattering, plus you don’t need to irritation about the facial expression you pull when you are trying to block your little finger out of the shot without giving yourself cramp.

3. The puppy nose terminates here

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There is a complete separate essay to be done on Snapchat filters: the big Manga eyes, the indulge animal features, the golden crowns that seem correspondent to innocent, child-like visual banter. But have you noticed how suspiciously sugary they are? How they make everyone look a little bit comparable to a Disney bluebird? Hmmm. They are basically hot dog legs with united lols. These are a vanity project that has been spring and truly rumbled. Cease and desist.

4. Be mysterious

Greta Garbo: not an Instagram fan.

Greta Garbo: not an Instagram fan. Photograph: Clarence Sinclair Bull/Getty Metaphors

What did the Kardashians and Gigi Hadid all do on Instagram toward the end of 2016? Get off Instagram, that’s what. In the era of oversharing, the most compelling affection you can do is to withdraw. Just as the very best parties have a popular media blackout, so the most intriguing people don’t feel compelled to role their avocado every single freaking Sunday. Accept a strategic break. For maximum drama, channel your inner Greta Garbo and loudly put out your departure from social media before wipe out your account. So modern.