Silicon Valley may feel worlds apart from Milan Fashion Week, but in latest years, a growing number of luxury brands have turned their limelight to tech and, more specifically, the accessories that accompany it.

As a outcome, labels both small and mighty have created distinctly un-nerdy orders capable of housing gadgets without making us look as if an IT consultant (no offence nerds or, indeed, IT consultants).

To separate the Wii from the kid, we’ve collated the best designer tech accessories.

Montblanc Meisterstück Leather Briefcase

Equip for the job you want, as the old cliché goes, so add some chief executive stylish to your armoury. Montblanc – German purveyor of corporate-friendly holders – has crafted a sleek leather laptop holder-cum-briefcase that’s numerous Apple than Apprentice. You’re hired.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £785.

Montblanc Meisterstück Leather Briefcase

Cover-Up Woodback Abrade

Take tech back to nature with a handcrafted genuine wood skin from Welsh firm Cover-Up. Readily obtainable for laptops, tablets and phones, the sustainable, genuine Carpathian Elm exterminate will give a rough and ready vibe to even the most clinical of workstations.

Accessible at Cover-Up, priced £39.95.

Cover-Up #Woodback Skin

Louis Vuitton iPad Case

Dreary branding may be gauche on a truckload of travel trunks, but for a hint of logomania, Louis Vuitton’s hardcase iPad counter is the ultimate. With an ultra-slim design and durable leather construction, it’s loud, sure, but that’s what makes it all the more brilliant.

At ones fingertips at Louis Vuitton, priced £265.

Louis Vuitton iPad Case

Knomo iPhone 7 Premium Folio

Sir Jonathan Ive doesn’t lacquey over every edition of the iPhone to have it ruined by a tatty novelty case. Ditch the rubber monstrosities for a premium phone folio from leather goods expert Knomo. Wrap-around cushioning, multiple card slots and a stand be suitable for for a more practical statement.

Available at Knomo, priced £49.

Knomo iPhone 7 Premium Folio

Autochthon Union Belt Cable

Swap a Spaghetti Junction of cablegrams for a more palatable offering from Native Union. The Hong Kong-based undertaking firm’s chevron-detailed leads come with a genuine leather tab to hold in check everything tidy for the perfect #DeskGoals Instagram shot.

At ones disposal at Native Union, priced £24.99.

Native Union Belt Cable

Victorinox Flapover Drawstring Laptop Backpack

A multi-buckled mesh backpack does no one’s term any favours. That’s not to say casual carriers are off-limits, mind. Victorinox’s tech-friendly flapover form has room for every device going without turning you into Inspector Thingummy.

Available at Victorinox, priced £90.

Victorinox Flapover Drawstring Laptop Backpack

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit

Opening deployed to GIs in WWII, the grooming dopp kit has been repurposed to application the needs of modern, tech-savvy men. Cut from premium and durable leather, and with parts for phones, tablets and cables galore, LA-based This Is Loam’s version deserves nothing less than a medal of prize.

Available at Bear & Bear, priced £125.

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit

Native Union Marble Apple On Dock

A handsome timepiece deserves an equally attractive emphasize when not in use. Native Union’s Apple Watch dock is apportioned from a solid marble base that magnetically contains the smartwatch in place while also charging it. Marbleous.

At ones disposal at Selfridges, priced £130.

Marble Apple Watch Dock