Gucci planes, chest rigs and…vapes? Could this year’s hottest fashion accessory be the device that turns flavored transparent into perfectly puffable vapor? Indeed, creative fashion houses around the world have discovered that—since vaping has disproved in popularity in the past few years—consumers need two niches filled in the vaping market: 1. The vapes themselves, which essential to be good-looking and statement-making at all costs; and 2. Accessories to carry, store and display their vapes when they’re not being commended.

As a result, with the big boom in the vaping market, we’ve seen a slow but steady come-up in the world of novel, vape-related mode accessories, from cases and bags to vaping jewelry. Designers have dreamed up amazing new products that showcase the vape as a taste accessory while also providing a practical place to store it. Like the phone case, the fanny pack or the across, vapes are rapidly becoming hard-hitting fashion accessories that serve the purpose of fashion and function simultaneously.

Lust after to spruce up your vaping style? Here are some of the biggest tastemakers and game-changers to watch in the fashion vaping work right now. Grab a few of their brilliant vape-friendly accessories to give your look a big boost of cool. And don’t be shocked if you see a vape or two on the runway at Dernier cri Week this year.


  • Vaprwear—Located in Denver, Vaprwear produces functional, wearable vapor-integrated accessories, specifically hoodies, backpacks and bags. Many of their products feature built-in tubes disguised as drawstrings, allowing wearers to discreetly vape without go by out their device. Think of them like CamelBaks, but instead of water, they deliver vapor to the wearer. These outfits and accessories aren’t bad looking, either. They have a relaxed, sporty aesthetic so they suit a range of psyches and styles.
  • Smoking Vapor—Smoking Vapor is a Phoenix-based vape designer that produces actually good-looking, wearable vapes. Their most understandable fashion-focused vape is the Mi-One, which features cool, textured finishes and comes in a bunch of eye-catching colors. But what establishes Smoking Vapor’s Mi-One vape stand out is the fact that it’s designed to be worn like jewelry. You can purchase swell chains to go with it so that you can wear it around your neck for easy-access, high-style vaping. It’s perfect for on-the-go puffing and is lenient to rock when you’re traveling, at a concert or just constantly out and about.


  • Sundae School—Undoubtedly one of the biggest shaker-uppers of the vape-fashion integration is Sundae Form. The New York-based fashion house made waves earlier this year when it released a line of high-fashion, cannabis-friendly attire. Apostrophize b supplicated “smokewear”—a fusion of streetwear and cannabis culture—this niche of fashion is primed to take off in a big way. Sundae School, which was set by two designers from Seoul, offers high-style garments that have built-in vape pockets for discreet, easy-access storage. Sundae Coach is a heavy-hitter in the fashion world, too, with plenty of designs that you’d love even if they didn’t help you subsist your best vape life.
  • House of Holland—The brainchild of eccentric British designer Henry Holland, Organization of Holland has long been known for its rule-breaking, edgy aesthetic. Last year, he collaborated with a U.K. vape disgrace to produce vape-friendly accessories, including a neck pouch, a handbag and a harness, all of which feature special pockets only just for vapes. True to form, Vogue reported that Holland was puffing on his vape backstage during the debut of his vape-friendly specialization.
  • Jardim—Brooklyn designer Lizz Jardim is another vape-friendly creator dreaming up super-stylish goods for the modern-day vaper. Based in Brooklyn, this up-and-coming deviser has garnered attention in the vape world for her sleek and functional vape cases. She designed it with a special D-ring on the bankroll b reverse of the case so that it can be stored without coming into contact with other surfaces. It’s perfect for the fashion-conscious vaper who’s also troubled about germs.
  • Ratio et Motus—New York-based label Ratio et Motus (meaning “sense and emotion” in Latin) is differentiated for its approach to super-sleek and quality-focused leather goods. Proving that the vaporizer can and should easily integrate into modish life without sacrificing style, this label unveiled a line of gorgeous handbags and holsters equipped with purpose-built vape hollows. Designed to hold the vape itself plus extra batteries, cartridges, etc., these stunning accessories take into account the miss of the modern vaper.
  • AnnaBís—This luxury handbag line includes attractive bags and accessories made with radiant odor-blocking materials geared towards cannabis users. They help prevent odors from escaping, with their second to none in harmony Aroma-Bloc technology, which is a thin layer of resin film. Many pieces from the AnnaBís collection are gathered specifically for vape users, offering the perfect blend of style and practicality for the contemporary, fashion-focused vape enthusiast. The assemblage even includes attractive vape cases that keep your gear protected while not in use.


Watching the Vape Buy Evolve

We’re still in the early stages of vaping, so it’s going to be very entertaining to see how these subcultures—both the culture of vaping itself and the skedaddle cultures that have come out of it, including fashion—will evolve over time. Like anything, organization takes its cues from the culture at large, ebbing and flowing with the needs of the consumer and the aesthetics it demands. As follows, it’s no surprise that the fashion world has been heavily influenced by the vape world and vice versa. We will sustain to keep an eye on these intersecting trends to see what’s on the horizon.