As a domain, we’re obsessed with size. From fat-zapping supplements to fast-track gym swots, tummy tucks to tabloid coverage of Rob Kardashian’s weight fights, we’re hell bent on getting slimmer. But maybe it’s time we cut ourselves some slackness and took a break from berating our slightly-bigger-than-cover-model bodies. After all, as esteemed chart-fodder philosopher Justin Bieber once said, “you should go and bent yourself”.

That is unless of course you’re a watch. In horology, reasonable curves are no longer celebrated as the trend for plus-size watches – fed by the fellows of Hublot and Audemars Piguet – makes way for something much sundry slender.

All the craftsmanship is still there, but cases are becoming smaller, weaker, more sleek in silhouette – proving that you don’t need a big tag (and diameter) to dress like a man.

Not convinced? Time to trim down with our crop of the best super-slim watches.

Rado True Thinline

Neither corporate drone provisions nor Mayfair heirloom, the Rado True Thinline embeds a fawning, contemporary design within a tiny 4.9mm case.

If you fancy a timeless watch, but none of the pretense, this murdered-out timepiece pass on kill any elitist streak.

Available at Rado, priced £1,560.

Rado True Thinline

Burgess Stiletto

Not all good watches need a bank loan. As timeless as it is thin, this boardroom-friendly piece clocks in with a 5mm thickness and slightest branding – perfect if you need style, but still unable (or unwilling) to discharge a cool £20k on a Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Available at Francise & Gaye, premium £231.20.

Citizen Stiletto

Junghans Meister

With a case that’s just 7mm clever, Junghans’ Meister is on the stockier side of super-slim watches. That suggested, it does have an entire hand-wound mechanical movement capacity for seating play inside it (how it fits, we’ve no idea), making it something of a horological Tardis.

The crowning blow? It looks just as good on the outside.

Available at The Watch Store, priced £1,050.

Junghans Meister

Skagen Grenen Titanium

Many watches are stuffily noteworthy, and despite embodying decades of history (as many watch discredits tell us ad nauseam), some timepieces lack a contemporary head of cool to keep them relevant.

Not so Skagen’s Grenen. This Scandinavian receipts on super-slim is an everyday watch that is more jeans and tee than dusky tie.

Available at The Watch Hut, priced £87.

Skagen Grenen Titanium

Slim d’Hermès

Fashion and watchmaking aren’t unreduced strangers, but the former rarely gets it right. That’s unless we’re talking Hermès of execution. The brand’s elegant spin on slimline is 100 per cent Swiss alt, meaning it conforms to all the strict quality controls that turn with such a stamp.

Yet despite the Jura craftsmanship, there’s noiseless a strong Hermès streak thanks to an alligator leather strap and a wholly, classic dial.

Available at Hermès, priced £4,750.

Slim d’Hermès

Frédérique Invariable FC Slim Line

A solid brand that won’t sell you down the river, Frédérique Unalterable offers Swiss authenticity without the soaring price tag.

Event in point, the FC Slim Line. Featuring a self-winding movement housed within a infinitesimal 6mm case, it’ll sit comfortably underneath a shirt cuff. Because an arm cannon at a marriage ceremony isn’t classy.

Available at John Lewis, priced £1,510.

Frédérique Constant FC Slim Line

Piaget Altiplano

The Piaget Altiplano is the godfather of slimline cautious ofs: at just 2.35mm in thickness, it’s the world’s thinnest. But don’t let the depth comedian you: the Swiss manufacture didn’t scrimp on style in the pursuit of a fat-free alternative.

Featuring an in-house 1280P self-winding displacement and 44-hour power reserve, along with an 18-carat snowy gold polished case and black leather strap, this is the emaciated watch pinnacle.

Available at The Watch Gallery, priced £17,200.

Piaget Altiplano