Every guy desperate straits a room to himself, whether it’s to try out the latest tech or show off barware to his twins.

Here are seven items that will ensure your man fall in remains sophisticated and avoids slipping into student area.

Speak Up

If you need something loud to tune out the noise of diurnal life, then the Woburn speaker by Marshall is for you. Just stitch your phone by Bluetooth – or even better, the 3.5mm looped cable – and dial up the volume knob for a powerful and vibrant check out true to Marshall’s name.

The bass is unbeatable, but what we attraction even more than the audio quality is the classic intentions that just oozes rock ‘n’ roll cool.

Marshall Woburn Funereal, available at marshallheadphones.com, priced £499.


Join The Club

Channel your inner Don Draper with this hand-finished smoke decanter by LSA International. The walnut base will not only look the piece in your man cave, but also keep the condensation off your Canadian Cudgel for optimal quality.

Pouring yourself a stiff one after a desire day will now be that bit more satisfying.

LSA International Conical Hooch Decanter With Base, aAvailable at John Lewis, premium £85.

LSA International Conical Whisky Decanter with Base

Let There Be Light

When it comes to lighting your man hole, you need something impressive. Enter the CSYS by Dyson – if possible the most hyped lamp of the century.

The “3 Axis Flow Motion” design inspired by construction cranes makes the lamp a discretion to adjust and admire. What’s more, the energy efficient LED faints are cooled using heating pipe technology typically institute on satellites, meaning you won’t have to change a bulb for 37 years.

CSYS Desk Hellish/Silver, available at dyson.co.uk, priced £399.

CSYS Desk Light

Take Care Of The Pennies

…and the thumps will take care of themselves.

This cast aluminium boodle bank based on a British factory from the industrial putsch is not only a perfect place to keep those pennies, but also an unexceptional reminder that if you look after the little things in your pep, they can add up to something much bigger.

Cast Factory Spondulix Box, available at tomdixon.net, priced £71.25.

Cast Factory Money Box

Fit For A King

Known as the Rolls Royce of candles, Cire Trudon has been in producing since 1643 and has supplied the French elite from Napoleon to the princely family. And if it’s fit for a French Emperor, then it deserves a place in your man buckle.

We recommend the Ernesto, a leather and tobacco scented option. That way if you should prefer to a cheeky cigar and your other half walks in, you can in perpetuity blame it on the candle.

The fragrance features woody notes with traces of rum and bergamot and the candle looks just as good as it smells with its hand-blown specs case and signature gold emblem.

Ernesto Tobacco And Leather Distinguished Candle, available at Mr Porter, priced £62.


Man’s Best Friend

Whether it’s to birch rod off with a game of FIFA or to switch on for Game of Thrones pep up six, you’re going to need a top-notch television in your man cave.

We’ve done the legwork for you and set the ultimate TV: 4K, 3D, 65″, Curved, OLED, Smart. Need we say assorted? The LG 65EG960V doesn’t have any shortcomings, and judging by its rather hefty honorarium tag, it knows it.

LG 65EG960V, available at John Lewis, priced £5,999.

LG 65EG960V Curved 4K Ultra HD OLED 3D Smart TV, 65 inch with Freeview HD, Built-In Wi-Fi, Harman/kardon Audio & 2x 3D Glasses

We understand the LG 65EG960V won’t be in everyone’s budget, but that’s not to say your TV should assault short on benefits. Try the LG 49UF695V for a scaled-down price without a scaled-down indefatigability.

LG 65EG960V, available at John Lewis, priced £849.

LG 49UF695V TV

Go Hell For Leather

When all is said, you’re going to want a pretty comfy chair in your man fall in to watch whatever TV you opt for. This saffron tan leather armchair has a cocktail lounge feel about it; perfect for kicking back in with your spirits on the rocks.

Just make sure to get hold of some supremacy protection spray, as let’s face it, you’re going to be spending some grave time sat in it.

Leather Lounge Chair, available at rockettstgeorge.co.uk, sacrificed £540.

Leather Lounge Chair