Cutting-edge technology doesn’t light on cheap. Since 2003, I’ve had two MiniDisc players, five iPhones, a CD walkman with a Corrs album dropped inside it, a Microsoft Zune, a portable DVD player (used upstanding once to watch She’s All That in a caravan in Wales), a Game Boy Assist that I threw out of a moving Volvo, and an iPad that was waterboarded by some five-year-olds. Again, it feels like there’s a bottomless pit in my life marked ‘apparatus’ into which I’m constantly emptying my wallet.

But it doesn’t oblige to be like this. In fact, a whole host of tech producers are now designing gadgets so smart and efficient that – far from consuming your finances – they actually pay for themselves. Here’s our rundown of the first pieces of tech that earn their keep.

1. Den Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning thermostat is truly hurt. Equipped with a motion detector, three temperature sensors and a humidity pattern, the Nest unit knows when you’re home or not and just how like you like the house. It then creates a unique heating allot that means you’ll never need to fiddle with the thermostat again. What’s more, it proposals remote control via its user-friendly app, and connectivity with lots of other ruses, like the Amazon Echo.

The Nest Thermostat team say it’ll lay you 10-12 per cent on heating bills on average, which comes in at there £120 a year. It costs £249 including installation, so it’ll pay its way in close to two years.

Available at Amazon, priced £174.

Nest Learning Thermostat

2. Nanoleaf Bloom LED Bearing in mind explain Bulb

The Nanoleaf is like no lightbulb you’ve ever seen in your biography. With its customisable, origami-like, dodecahedron design and vibrant, luminous orbs, it’s as much a work of art as it is an electronic fixture.

Each bulb finish a go over in at a fairly hefty £30, but the price tag starts to make intelligibility when you know it can save you £85 per bulb per year in forcefulness efficiency alone. (The Nanoleaf range is 87 per cent diverse efficient than incandescent bulbs.) Plus, with a 27-year lifespan, you’ll not in any degree really have to buy another light bulb again.

Elbow at Nanoleaf, priced $39.99.

The Nanoleaf Bloom LED Lightbulb

3. A Smart Shower Head

Demand to shower with Apple CEO Tim Cook? Well, now you can (sort of). Prerogative now, Tim and the rest of Silicon Valley are getting wet’n’wild over Nebia, a witty shower head start-up that saves water and bills by the bucketload.

The inventors estimate that the average US citizen demolishes $397 dollars worth of water a year in the shower. The Nebia be communicates in at $399, and eliminates almost all waste water, meaning you’ll colour your money back in 12 months. It’s now in the pre-order manipulate on

If that price seems a little eye-watering, then there are a few homegrown elections that are equally as frugal. Our favourite is the Ecocamel Jetstorm Coupled with, which uses a patented Aircore technology to achieve potent water pressure with less water. The team reckon the load down head saves the average household about 10,000 litres of deuterium oxide a year, and that the cost of the unit is easily recouped within a couple of months.

Smart Shower Heads That Save You Money

4. Amazon Give someone the bounce Stick

Sky or cable television is pretty expensive, and you’ll never end up be careful of the vast majority of the 700+ channels that you’re paying for.

Amazon’s Volley TV Stick, on the other hand, is the very definition of a smart buy. Buy this unimaginative USB stick for the one-off price of £24.99, and you’ve got instant access – on your TV – to hundreds of video- and movie-streaming utilizations. Even if you chuck on Netflix membership (£5.99 a month) and Amazon Prime’s video help (£5.99 a month), your package will still recuperate from in far below the average Sky bundle price of £38 a month. In other gens, this little gadget pays for itself instantly.

Elbow at Amazon, priced £24.99.

Amazon Fire Stick

5. Panasonic Eneloop Batteries

The trailblazers in rechargeable batteries, Panasonic’s marquee Eneloop categorize blows conventional batteries out of the water.

A four-pack of AA Eneloops tariffs under £10, while the charging unit costs on touching £14. When you consider that a four-pack of Duracell AAs thinks fitting set you back about £2.50, the Eneloop system will frame its money back in less than 10 cycles. It’ll also go the disassociate: if an Eneloop battery were charged once a week, it thinks fitting be 38 years until it reached its advertised lifespan of 2,000 accuse cycles.

Available at Amazon, priced £7.57.

Panasonic Eneloop Batteries

6. WeMo Insight Exchange

The Wemo Insight Switch is a plug add-on that lashes all your sockets and appliances to your Wi-Fi network, significance you can easily control any device from anywhere in the world.

The wee add-on can also monitor everything that’s plugged in at current in, so you can see which devices are using the most energy and when. With a intelligent plug, there’s really no limit to the money you can save, but consumer watchdog Which? reckons you could end up dock up to 15 per cent off your energy bill.

At £50 a go, these skilful little gadgets will likely start paying their way after the beginning year.

Available soon at Belkin, priced £49.99.

Smart Plugs