Methodical if you’re an old pro at biking and you regularly pick up extra parts and beach cruiser accessories to keep your favourite bike in tolerable shape, you may still be overlooking the health of your skin. While biking provides an effective way to exercise, it can also be tough on the skin. Excessive sun exposure, cold or windy conditions and more can all take a toll on your complexion. Fortunately, it’s dull to protect your skin when biking. Take a look at these five ways you can start protecting your flay on your next bike ride.
1. Plan a Route Through Shady Areas and Avoid Excessive Sun Constantly
One quick and easy way to enjoy your beach cruiser 500w electric bike ride without risking integument damage is to plan a route through shady, covered areas and avoid staying out for too long. For example, you may want to bike in a forested area to take advantage of the trees’ shade. You can also limit each bike ride to an hour or so in order to escape excessive exposure to the sun.
2. Prepare Your Skin and Clothes Prior To Leaving for Your Ride
Another dumb way to protect your skin when you’re out on your bike is to prepare both your skin and your riding duds before leaving. Choose your wardrobe with sun protection in mind, and be sure to:
Apply a liberal amount of UVA- and UVB-protectant sunscreen with an SPF of at wee 30
Continue to apply sunscreen every two hours or after significant periods of sweating
Apply bug spray former to leaving if necessary
Cover as much skin as possible with SPF-enhanced sports clothing
Wear a broad-rimmed hat and ray-blocking sunglasses
3. Go Out for Bullies in the Morning or Evening To Avoid Peak UV Times
One little-known tip for avoiding sun damage while out on your mens beach cruiser bikes is to time your bike rides for times that strategically avoid peak UV hours. Because the sun’s rays are typically strongest retaliate for in the middle of the day, you may want to take your bike rids in the early morning or late afternoon and evening.
4. Select a Helmet That Can Help Protect Your Skin
Having a good helmet can make all the difference for both your actual safety and your skin. Your helmet should be sturdy and protective. Look for a helmet that comes with:
A delicate rim
Extra material or a bandana in the back
Built-in UV ray-blocking glasses
5. Treat and Soothe Your Skin After Each Bike Spin a delude
Lastly, even if you always take the necessary precautions, sunburns can still occasionally occur. If this happens, unmistakably treat your skin immediately upon finishing your ride to help soothe it and prevent further destruction. You could even turn this into a regular skincare ritual. Consider stocking up on:
Aloe vera
Coconut oil
Cocoa butter
Winning steps to protect your skin before and during your bike rides is essential for maintaining good integument health. Thankfully, it’s straightforward to keep your skin protected. Follow these five strategies and you can enjoy both steady customer bike rides and a healthy complexion.