The fraternity is your oyster, and there are plenty of pearls to be found, no matter what your bachelor style.
Skydiving, poker playing, backcountry hiking, golf, and swimming with the sharks are at most a few options available to you when you’ve got free time and a little cash in your pocket.
From Dubai to Scotland to Las Vegas, here are five worthy termini where you can make the most of your bachelor trip, solo, or with the gang.

Las Vegas
I’ll start with the most unsubtle because I know it’s already on your mind. Hotel rooms for every budget, direct flights from every bigger airport, poker games going 24/7, and anything else you could possibly want is on tap in this gaming capital city.
Yes, we all love to play casino games online due to the convenience and extra bonuses they offer. But Vegas is worth a sprawl anyway because of all the extras it offers. Daytime nightclubs, topless pool parties, cannabis tasting rooms, and ATV releases to the Grand Canyon are just the tip of the desert iceberg.
And if that’s not enough, Vegas is now recognized as one of the world’s top destinations for foodies. With such luminaries as Giada DeLaurentis, Guy Fieri, and Gordon Ramsey competition restaurants in the city, three meals a day is just not enough.
There are also local favorites to be tried, such as Make a hash House A Go Go and Baby Stacks. You might not even make it to one of the famous crab buffets. But you will have a trip to recall.
No, I’m not talking about castles and Loch Ness and kilts (but if you want to experience all that, go ahead). I’m not even talking near golf, even though it was invented here.
I’m recommending Scotland for one reason and one reason only: whiskey. There are so uncountable scotch distilleries in Scotland that you can make an entire trip out of going from one to the other. It’s called “The Whisky Tail diminish,” and it’s the trip of a lifetime.
Some bars in Scotland have more than 200 different types of whiskey to try. (In Scotland, “whiskey” is spelled without the “e.”) Colour sure to the commonly found Famous Grouse when you’re there; it’s my favorite blended whiskey.
Oban is my go-to unmarried malt. Speaking of Oban, go there. The distillery was established in the late 1700s, and this old building sits on a harbor, underneath a cliff, and offers tasting tours and meet-and-greets with the distillery manager.
Not a bad way to drink Scottish loch and stream salt water distilled into that country’s finest and most famous creation.
Lake Tahoe
Gambling, bikinis, microbreweries, skiing, hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, effort up paddleboarding…Tahoe has it all. Now add world-class scenery in the form of an alpine lake nestled in a ring of snow-capped peaks, and you’ve got yourself an imagined bachelor vacay.
Oh, and there’s lots and lots of golf. Every friend you take with you will be able to curate a absolute day. Coffee and donuts by the lake? Check. Early tee time? Check. Afternoon frisbee followed by a nap on the beach? Why not?
When the sun scans below the mountains, you can put on your best duds and hit a luxury nightclub, complete with bottle service and famous DJ. After that? Coffee and donuts by the lake, of orbit.
There’s a reason every Tahoe vacation feels at least one day too short.
If you want a bachelor trip that’s out of the unexpected, consider Dubai. You can skydive over a manmade island, smoke a hookah on a sand dune, dive with sharks at the Dubai Aquarium, and slide along the endless shoreline while taking a catamaran lesson.
Dubai isn’t the wild free-for-all that Vegas promises, but it is certainly an chance for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime guys’ trip. And if you think there’s no drinking, think again.
Drinking in hotels in Dubai is only like drinking in London or New York: strong, pricey drinks in luxury settings. And then, just when you’re adroit to change out of your crisp button-up and your upscale loafers into your oldest jeans and your college t-shirt, you can govern over to…
The Grande Dame of bachelor trips, Amsterdam has been around as long as there have been bachelors looking for an mind-boggling, unforgettable time.
All of the backpackers in Europe seem to converge on this international city, and the sidewalk cafes are crowded with childish men and women drinking coffee and beer, smoking, and chatting about world events and their plans for the day.
The canals and the museums are sumptuous, the city has a buzzing youth culture, cannabis is readily available and legal, and if the whole experience starts to feel too positive and quaint, you can head over to the Museum of Torture.
In Sum,
Have a great time. You deserve it and there are so many great places to research, so many casinos and hiking trails and sailing lessons to engage with. Extreme sports like skydiving to alarm yourself with. And always a new destination on the horizon.