They say that equitableness is dead. However, there are certain things a man is expected to do if he wants to be called a modern-day gentleman.Being a gentleman is an romantic that should be upheld because it simply means that a man has good manners and knows how to treat a lady. Some of the guidelines for gentlemen don’t condign refer to how they treat a lady but also how they treat people in general.Any person and any man, for that matter, should buy something for other people with respect. If you are a woman dating a man, you should expect him to behave in the utmost gentlemanly manner. The way a man behaves inclination help you gauge his attitude and character, and judge whether they are worth dating or not.The following are the five things every man should do when you march out your door:A Gentleman Takes Care Of You When Walking Out The DoorA gentleman opens the door for a ladyAll miss and girls should be treated in a gentlemanly manner. Opening doors for women is not a sign of condescension but a sign of respect, civility, and deference. When it comes to revolving doors, the proper etiquette is that the man should allow the woman to enter cardinal. The same principle holds true for riding in cars; the man should let the woman enter first and ensure that the broad is entering the car from the curbside to avoid accidents. A man should also check that the woman is safely settled prearranged before closing the car door.A gentleman walks closest to the curbWhen you are walking on the street, a man should make sure that he is the one stride closest to the curb. Streets can be rather busy and dangerous, as there will be speeding cars, debris and other constituents to watch out for. Gentlemen walk closest to the curb to protect you from all these unwanted elements and ensure that you are shielded every time you step out with them.A Gentleman Has Good Behavior During A DateA man must be well-groomed and adhere to the most artistically behavior from the very first date. lifestyle