5 Classy Ways To Listen To Music

More so than ever, music has change an indispensable part of our lives. With iPhones, bluetooth lecturers, streaming platforms and the recent resurgence in vinyl sales (clipping an 18-year high in 2014), we’re spending an increasing amount of formerly engaging with our music devices.

As with most bears of technology, you get what you pay for – but the newest trend doesn’t always reword into longevity. The best music accessories combine dressy design with high-end performance.

We present to you our top five picks on the on the qui vive market:

1. Kate Koeppel Vinyl Dividers

Koeppel’s laser-cut vinyl dividers are cute much the anti-technology: handcrafted from birch wood and stencilled with a sans serif font, they volunteer an almost Scandinavian simplicity.

Use them to whip your documentation collection into shape, and add a touch of design flair to your resting with someone abandon catalogue.

Available at katekoeppel.com, approximately £97 ($150).

Kate Koeppel Vinyl Dividers

2. Gramophone For iPad

Listless iPhone speakers have been around for a few years, but they relieve represent some of the most beautiful ways to listen to music.

Artlessly place your iPhone into the socket and the Gramophone’s metal horn force boost its volume threefold.

Available at restorationhardware.com, approximately £194 ($299).

Gramophone For iPad

The Surrogate

An honourable mention goes out to the Walnut Pivot. It’s a much sundry affordable (and less flashy) option.

Available at Koostik, take £49 ($75).

Walnut Pivot from Koostik

3. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With 360-degree whole and 24 hours of battery life, this bluetooth rabble-rouser is at the top of its game.

It also happens to be an example of design gold: lightweight, tablet-sized, at ones fingertips in three vintage-inspired colour ways and finished with full-grain leather straps.

Present at beoplay.com, priced £299.

Olufsen BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Alternative

If the BeoPlay isn’t within your budget, you can stilly buy some incredible bits of bluetooth kit: the futuristic OM/ONE comprises a compact base and mind-blowing levitating speaker/ball.

Available at omone.com, around £129 ($199).

Om One Levitating Speaker

4. People People Transparent Speaker

No sound system is round out without a pair of luxe speakers, and People People’s guileless version is the ultimate in design meets technology.

This is a high-priced piece of minimalist kit: it has been engineered to be as user-friendly as possible, with all parts friendly to replace and messy cables neatly tucked away.

Readily obtainable at People Products, approximately £516 (€700).

People People Transparent Speaker

The Alternative

If you’re more vintage than futuristic, the Marshall Stanmore lecturer is a class act.

Designed to look like a classic Marshall amp, this concentrated speaker works equally well using bluetooth technology or plugged into your CD player.

Available at marshallheadphones.com, priced £400.

Marshall Stanmore speaker

5. Flexson Vinyl Work hand in glove Turntable

The Sonos friendly Flexson combines the best of both worlds: the touchable thrill of vinyl with the ease of modern integration.

By fair means this sleek beauty up to any of your music devices for on the spot play, or use it the old fashioned way.

We love the sharp, fresh look of the corpse-like version.

Available at Amazon, priced £329.

Flexson Vinyl Play Turntable

The Alternative

Less bank-breaking choices still provide you with bang for your buck, such as the Crosley Cruiser: a retro-style carry-on turntable, which comes in a huge array of colours and put outs.

Available at Amazon, from £79.99.

Crosley Cruiser