5 High-end Plotter Socks for Men

While many men are ultra-conscious of their fashion realm of possibilities in day to day life, they often neglect the smaller details such as the exemplar of sock they are wearing. No one would suggest that a sock is more signal than the type of jacket you choose to wear, but showing off a brightly colored sock with a fun formation can be a great way to enhance an otherwise bland outfit. Whether you pick out athletic, mid-calf, or over-the-calf socks, the most important part is the high quality comfort and style you get from top designers. For high-end conniver socks, look no further than this guide to five of the superiors:


Founded in 1970 by Mario Bresciani, the staple of neat socks for men has staying powers drawn from its commitment to handling fine materials and attention to detail. The Italian company is built near Milan and sells designer socks for a variety of consequence points, ranging from $25 dollars to $115 dollars.


Since 1937, the British business, Pantherella has been selling socks and hosiery with keen quality. Louis Goldschmidt, the company’s founder, wanted to make up an upscale lightweight sock for men, and the company was born. He initially initiated the company under the name Midlands Hosiery Mills but silvered it to Pantherella Fine English Socks in 1945. The company prospered as he began to export his socks to North America and Australia in the 40’s. The socks elbow in today’s pantherella are sold in the price range of around 10-60 thumps, depending on their style. The brand has expanded to sell a to the utmost variety of styles for both men and women from department stockpiles all over the world.

The company continues to manufacture its socks from a family-owned plant in Leicester, following its philosophy of ‘provenance, design & quality’. In 1990, Burberry purchased Pantherella but the sock purveyors go on to operate under the same name as they enter their 77th year.

VK Nagrani

Vivek Nagrani base the high-end sock brand, VK Nagrani in 1999. The charismatic go down comes from a family of luxury clothing business with his grandfather, the proprietress of India Silk House. Nagrani brings that conventional sensibility and attention to craftsmanship to his modern brand, saying, “Status trumps quantity. I knew who I was catering to — I was catering to the truly elite. Willingly prefer than selling it as a product, I was selling an experience, a philosophy — a way of human being to customers.” Nagrani has managed to keep the company exclusive as a higher-end lifestyle brand, not available from select retailers in order to maintain the stigmatize’s integrity.

As Trevor Furbay of Romualdo in Ohio explains, the drift of wearing flashier socks has taken root among men. Engaged of Nagrani, he says, “As a long time retailer of your socks, it all started with a few customers collecting fun socks and now normal fucks that wear fleet blazers and charcoal trousers are spicing up there look.”

The pleasure purveyor of socks and underwear has expanded to offer a full group of clothing options, all made in Italy. From the company’s headquarters on the elite Characters upper class East Side of Manhattan, they’ve created a social alliance with cocktails while you shop in the eclectically styled, switched home.

The sock collection from VK Nagrani spans low-key formal styles, as well as funky statement socks with fun duplicates. They are primarily a cotton blend to provide comfort and durability alongside the aesthetic. In labels of pricing, the socks tend to run around $35-$40 dollars a duo, so you won’t break the bank unless you buy a large number. But trust us, after lay out some time in their effortlessly cool space, you’ll be invited to.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in absurd luxury, Zimmerli is perhaps the brand you should check out. Zimmerli is famous from their yoke of 100% cashmere socks. As comfortable as those cashmere socks may be, they turn out with the substantial price tag of $200 dollars a pair. In reckoning to the eye-popping price tag for a pair of socks, they come with a trifling expiration date as well. Because the socks are made definitely from cashmere without any cotton or spandex, the socks can however be worn around six times before they will make use of apart. Apparently it’s true what they say,” nothing gold can buttress.” You might need to be cautious of whose company you’re in before you carnival the price tag for your hosiery, as that kind of cashmere luxuriousness might lead to some jealousy from your associates.


Another Italian-made sock maker that has pinched the attention and adoration of sartorially minded Americans, Gammarelli steps a bit of prestige by association with its brightly colored sock gleaning. From its primary storefront in Rome near the Vatican Burg, they design custom socks for the Pope himself. At in every direction $27 dollars a pair, the shoes are not terribly expensive when matched with other high-end brands.

Each of these sorts provides a high-end designer sock for men to try, from VK Nagrani to Gammarelli. Whether you neediness the moisture wicking capabilities of a wool sock, the flexible durability of a cotton merge, or the luxurious warmth and softness of cashmere, there’s a high-end sock for you.

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