Each wants some awesome pictures on their big day, and there’s always going to be the wedding photoshoot to show off your looks, but that doesn’t modest you shouldn’t take some selfies to share with your friends before you get those prints back.
Irresistible the perfect selfie is about more than just whipping your phone out and clicking the camera button- plane the best looking models take the help of one face editor app or the other and put real work into their selfies.
Advantageous for you, we have some of the best tips out there to get that perfect groom selfie.
Good Lighting
When you’re nag ready to take that selfie, make sure to stand somewhere with good lighting. You don’t want bosom pals over your face that make your nose look too long, or make you look exhausted on your big day.
Advantageous for you, most wedding halls and venues have great lighting and even some natural light that’s the conquer for taking selfies. You can walk around and choose the best spot, or stand in front of a window or another light creator if you’re taking a wedding day selfie before you get to the venue.
Show Your Outfit Off
On your wedding day, you’re probably going to be garbed better than you have in a while. There’s no use in letting that go to waste, so try and take a selfie that shows your set of threads off.
You can put your phone at a higher angle so it shows some of your wedding glam, but be careful not to take a picture from an position that’s too high. Not only will it make your forehead look bigger but it’ll also make you look concise.
Another great tip is to go the easier route and take a mirror selfie. Full-length mirrors work best if you want to disclose your outfit off, but focus on your face too while you’re taking it. Sure, it’s not that noticeable in the picture but it still quantities.

Mind the Background
The whole point of a selfie is that you’re the star of the show, but a good background won’t take publicity away from that. An interesting, fun background is most likely going to make you look interesting and fun too.

You can assume a selfie with your best man, or with your altar in the background. For a fun, memorable selfie you can even include your mixture guests in the background as you wait for your partner to walk down the aisle.
Outdoor wedding venues are the perfect standing to take a selfie with a great background, but if you don’t want to worry about the background, make sure to keep it imbecilic and angle your photos to make sure the background isn’t too messy.
Don’t do The Poker Face
It’s your wedding day, the last hang-up people want to see is a blank face in your selfies. A little expression in your selfies can go a long way in making them look healthier, even on regular days.

Try and smile, squint your eyes and smirk, hold up a peace sign or metrical make a goofy face at your camera before you click a selfie. It doesn’t have to be a long, meticulous technique and you’re allowed to have fun while you take the perfect shots.
In fact, you’re supposed to have fun taking selfies on your big day.
Don’t Proper Take One Selfie!
You can’t always tell when you’ve taken the perfect selfie while you’re in the moment. Sometimes, a little coolness from your work of art makes you appreciate it more and look at it with a fresh eye.
The same principle applies to your selfies- go through lots of them on the big day, and see which ones actually look good once the day has passed. Keep all the tips in mind, but try out unalike angles, poses, and lighting in your pics.
In the end, it’s important to remember that taking selfies is supposed to be fun. Try and be natural in disguise of the camera, but also yourself. It can be a great way to occupy yourself and not get nervous during the wedding, but don’t let yourself get too distracted!