Smartphones are meant to skedaddle us feel more connected, but some days the only task we feel connected to is the charger cable.

In the space of four Tinder (okay champion, low storage) notifications, we’ve gone from half full to not quite flat – how did that happen?

Luckily, there are a few ways to eject your battery without needing to be that person who requires to put their phone behind the bar. Here are the 10 most-effective overthrows for holding on to your Apple juice.

Turn On Low Power Standard operating procedure

Apple finally listened to our whinging and introduced Low Power Manner as part of the iOS 9 update. It turns off automatic mail fetch, Siri, robot-like downloads, background app refresh and some visual effects. While it won’t guard your bacon if your battery is already low (annoyingly, it on the other hand turns itself on at 20 per cent battery levels), you can show up it on manually at any point via Settings.

Low Power Mode

Turn Down The Volume

Buying headphones rather than the speaker obviously reduces battery convention, but if you look into Settings > Music, you can also set a volume limit and deliver up off EQ. It might only save you a tiny bit of power, but you never recognize – it might let you send that one last message before the pivot of death appears.

Turn Off iCloud

Auto-backup can be handy for count oning pics you don’t want to lose (just make sure the open sesame is secure – but that’s a different issue). Unfortunately, like all items that are useful, it can also zap your battery quicker than you can say ‘anyone got a charger?’ One of the reasons it’s so up the spout is that some apps have auto-backup on by default, so if you don’t necessity everything up in the cloud, make sure you’ve toggled off anything you’re not make use ofing under Settings > iCloud.

Stop Closing All Apps

There was an old express way back in, erm, 2015, that if you double-tapped the Home button and swiped all the apps up, it order save your battery. Well if you’re still doing it, a halt. The vast majority of apps are developed to not do anything when not in use, and you’ll in truth end up saying bye to more battery by doing the double-tap-and-quit.

Airplane Mode & brightness

Switch Force Email Off

Getting every email as soon as it comes in potency be useful if the world rests on your shoulders. However, if you value your battery for minute-by-minute spam updates, switch your email stage sets from Push to Fetch or Manual by tapping Settings > Mail > Accounts. You can set timings to examine for new emails, and with Manual it will update each loiter again and again you take a look.

Kill Push Notifications From Apps

Phone buzzing every notwithstanding your lives have renewed on Super Mario Run? Alteration off the notifications you don’t really need by heading to Settings > Notifications and toggling off any that you can electrified without.

Reduce Screen Brightness

A bright screen inclination drain your battery faster than any other functionality so dark it down will have an immediate effect. Your iPhone cleverly comes with auto-brightness, which is great when you for it to be responsive in the bright sunshine or pitch black, but for day-to-day sparkle, slide it to the lowest setting that’s readable.

Enable Airplane Look

Developed to stop your phone interfering while mile ripe, Airplane mode can be a magical fix for your battery woes (purveying you don’t need to actually use your phone). Disabling Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G and Bluetooth, it can reach your battery life and actually uses up less power than repetitively switching the device on and off.

Airplane Mode & brightness

Opt For Wi-Fi (But Keep Wi-Fi Off When Not In Use)

There’s no set ones hand to you’re home like the Wi-Fi connecting automatically. Using a recognised Wi-Fi network wish save more juice than using your 4G, but if you’re out and concerning having your iPhone constantly scanning for something to restraint to will Siri-ously sap your battery.

Same Goes For Bluetooth And Airdrop

If you’re into wearable tech and predominantly decked out in more devices than the Batmobile, having Bluetooth on is a bit of a non-negotiable. But if you’re not consuming Bluetooth regularly (and let’s face it, unless it’s for a fitness tracker, there hasn’t been much use for it since to 2011), then turn it off. As with Wi-Fi, your phone on constantly be scanning for things to connect to if you don’t.

Turn Off Automatic Downloads

Updating your music and apps automatically is unmistakeably a useful tool, but it will take a bite out of your battery living (and a chunk of your data, too). You can go halfway and switch these to use Wi-Fi not under Settings > iTunes & App Store, or go the whole hog and switch off robot downloads. Just don’t forget to update it manually or god forbid, you mightiness still be listening to 2016’s greatest hits.

Get A Battery Probe

You can do this yourself at home, but as with all vital operations we propound you don’t. Instead, head to your nearest Apple Store, where the maestri can run a test to ensure your battery is at full health. If it’s not, there’s a uncut range of things that could be causing it and they’ll be skilled to sort it out.

Apple Genius

Get An External Battery

If Apple has sent you on your way with a fully-functioning battery, and not eating your phone isn’t an option, an external battery might condign be your only solution. Luckily, we’re not talking about the congenial everyone had to carry around in the 1980s.

For longer journeys, fetes or mammoth fitness events, snap on a phone case with a built-in juicer, most of which can yield up to five rounds of full charge.