When your masculinity is compromised – and we’re talking on a hormonal informed about, not screaming at a spider in the tub or a botched attempt at a fairground hammer meeting – finding the culprit often means going balls profound.

Aside from the libido-enhancer we commonly know it as, testosterone pronouncements everything from your mental health to the snugness of your shirt sleeves.

While it’s a sad truly of life that hitting the age of 30 marks the beginning of a sophisticated decline in T-levels, omitting certain things from your lifestyle can lend a hand maintain the fire in your loins and the bulge in your biceps a small longer.


A bit of Dutch courage is enough to give some blokes the good of primitive manliness to take on grizzly bears (or go on a first period).

But when bottoms are up, testosterone must come down. According to the Indian Newspaper of Physiology and Pharmacology, alcohol consumption not only negatively burdens testosterone production, but it can also cause oxidative damage to testosterone molecules already in incident.


Chewing Gum

Bad breath may be a turn-off, but the solution could be turning you off.

An zoological study published in The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology set that spearmint and other varieties of menthol often start in chewing gum can suppress testosterone. A sticky situation, indeed.

Well supplied Fat Coke

Measuring the correlation between sugar intake and testosterone, an Oxford University swat found a 25 per cent drop in the levels of men who consumed 75 grams of the pleasant stuff a day.

Sure, reaching for the red can might help see you through a blockish afternoon in the office, but it’s also adding a hefty 39g of refined sugar to your constantly total, so you’re probably best off with a bottle of water.

Be deficient in Of Sleep

It’s time to wake up to some testosterone truths. Not enough shut-eye causes the body to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol, which in construct blocks the production of testosterone.

According to a University of Chicago mull over, men averaging five hours a night saw a 15 per cent cut down in T-levels compared with those who logged the recommended eight.

Lack Of Sleep

Belt From Plastic Bottles

“Hippy nonsense!” we hear you cry. Comfortably, not according to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, which linked phthalates – a dearest of chemicals used to make disposable bottles – with a dip in the mans hormone.

With this plastic plague reportedly seeping into the whole it comes into contact with, it may be time to hop on the reusable window bandwagon.

Soy Milk

The grass isn’t always greener for those who quibble dairy. Several (albeit heavily contested) studies possess associated the legume with the production of an antiandrogen (aka testosterone-blocking) chemical in the gut excused equol.

So if full fat’s not your poison; oat, nut or hemp are all worthy backups.

Long-Distance Running

According to a study from the University of British Columbia, Mo Farah-wannabes thumping over 40 miles of pavement per week had noticeably reduce levels of testosterone than those who run short-distance.

Scientists put this down to fortitude athlete’s chronically elevated cortisol levels. So if taking on a marathon, assemble sure you’re also getting adequate duvet time, alongside other cortisol-reducing measures.



Fascinating though they may be, mainlining your continental breakfast pastries of exquisite means saying au revoir to your va va voom.

Many of the shop-bought diversifications use types of margarine or spread containing trans fats, which according to The British Paper of Nutrition are a sure-fire way to see your testosterone levels plummet. Quelle horreur.

Bad Trunk Language

In social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk, she discusses how physiological substitutes come about from the power you give off in your band language.

Testing her theory, she asked men and women to hold penetrating or low-power poses (making themselves small or touching their necks) for two hips, then measured the changes in their testosterone levels. Those in the low-power viewpoint experienced roughly a 10 per cent decrease. An excuse to sustenance manspreading, then.

Anabolic Steroids

This one’s a bit confusing, prone their popularity among bodybuilders seeking quick implores of testosterone. But the effects of anabolic steroids are short-lived.

According to the magazine PLOS One, loading your muscles with artificial strands of the hormone gammons the body into thinking it has produced enough naturally. Insert too much, and the slowdown can become permanent.