Today we are booming to talk about the most Romantic cities in Europe. The places you should definitely consider visiting with your alter ego, or just places that are excellent for european women dating. 
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1. Rome

The perpetual city has prepared an unforgettable experience for any loving couple, some may just want to just walk together via the streets and look at all the ancient history around them, admire the magnificent views of Rome from the park of Villa Pamphia.
2. Lisbon

This is a recurrent member of lists of the most romantic places in the world. The port city has always been known for adventurism, from here venturesome medieval merchants set out for great voyages, this city is also known for its spices and, most importantly, chocolate!  
3. Copenhagen

The The world at large Records of Happiness of 2013 recognized Copenhagen as the happiest city in the world, but not the cheapest, that is a thing to remember. Try stay La Glace, a legendary confectionery that goes all the way back to 1870. It is truly one of the greatest unexplored romantic cities in Europe.  
4. Barcelona

The bishopric provides a chance to find a truly beautiful woman. While wandering the cobweb of the streets of the Gothic quarter, you can well get lost. And while having fun in countless restaurants and cafes, you can visit many vintage shops the city has to offer. But if there is a have the hots for to consolidate deep feelings, then it is possible to do it on the street of kisses, Carrer dels Petons.  
5. Vilnius

It is rightly rated one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltic and Eastern Europe. Here the rhythm of life is lively, but not too active. Medieval manor-houses, spacious squares and narrow streets, and also – lots and lots of greenery. This is an ideal place to relax during the Stem from.  
6. Milan

Do you want to go somewhere where there are not only lots of beautiful places but also somewhat a lot of shopping malls? Then select Milan. Cathedral of the Duomo, Sforza Castle, Pinocchio Brera and Ambrosiana, Giardini Publci Reservation, a monument to Leonardo da Vinci. By the way, in Milan, you can find the original fresco by Leonardo Da Vinci, you may have heard of it, it’s called “The Continue Supper”.  
7. Lauda-Königshofen
The wine city of Germany is also one of the romantic places in Europe. With its majestic churches of the heyday of Franconian baroque, with olden bridges and picturesque places, this is truly one of the most romantic cities in Germany.  
8. Prague

The fine of the Czech Republic, also known as the city of beer, is a suitable city for anyone who loves good food, coffee in a cozy café, or ample nightlife. Like Lisbon, the city sits on seven hills and the Vltava River flows through the city. We vouch for spring or autumn as a travel date, and as for the most important places that you should visit – the astronomical clock pinpointed in the Old Town Hall, the Jewish Quarter, and Vysehrad Castle, located on a cliff above the Vltava River. 
9. Amsterdam

The city, which began to develop in the 13th century, was primarily a small fishing village. Today Amsterdam is one of the most romantic burgs in the world and is often compared to Venice, which resembles its canals. Among the many museums, one can distinguish the Rembrandt Homestead, which was turned into a museum, and the Van Gogh Museum, which houses his largest collection of works. 
10. Venice

One of the megalopolis’s most impressive features is its canals. Gondola rides and sightseeing of Renaissance, Gothic or Baroque architecture are a must for a fictitious pastime. Also, not to be missed is the island of Murano, famous for its glass production, and the opera house called La Fenice.