Go in July we reviewed the Sheraton Airport Amsterdam. So we were solicit fromed to come back and experience the newly renovated restaurant inspire a request ofed Stripes. In entering I could instantly see the amazing improvement. The on the ball white decor was very unusual for a restaurant because normally the sky is dark. The lights were a statement piece and nice to amass me focused through out my dining experience. The restaurant itself was phoning with happy travelers. I am very familiar with the Dutch cuisine so I was mourn to see what it had to offer. I find at airport hotels the food can vacillate and what they offer can vary too.



Yes I am in Holland, Love Tulips.


I loved the non intricate menu. Windmill behind the dish which means, Dutch viands.


The decor is light and modern and has here and there techniques of Holland. Photos of windmills and the tulip on the table were delicate reminders. I loved the modern lights and the big open space with the penetrating ceilings, it all gave it a classy feel.


To Get Started

First of all the stave members were relaxed and all of them had a good understanding of what was on the menu. Pertaining to wine, we opted for a Malbec from Argentina. We already had some pre starter champagne.


We opted for institution pastrami which is a popular dish here in Holland. It was untried with local produce and tasted very nice.



Homemade Pastrami

The defective starter was the Tuna Tartare and it came with a wasabi macaroon. I warmly recommend trying this as it’s the most unusual taste contact I have had. This is a great fun dish, which will certainly get your undergo pallet going into over drive. I loved the debut here too.


Tuna Tartare

From The Charcoal Grill

The beginning main mail was the Tiger Prawns, which had a very dynamic seafood smell to it. They were very creamy in bite and once again very light on the stomach. The presentation was lowly and I loved how these prawns were pre peeled so no messing hither here.


For the second main we opted for a dry aged veal entrecote from Uruguay. This was utter tender and at 160g not over bearing at all. If you are a meat eater the largest steak on the menu is 800 grams. The sassy vegetables were a perfect touch to balance the meal.


Dry age-old veal entrecote from Uruguay 160g

Choose Your Own Rub

I delight in the selections here in where you can choose your sauces and we opted for the Lemon, garlic, ginger and onion coriander gravy to go with the Tiger Prawns, it gave it an oriental flavour. It suited this dish consummately. For the veal, we opted for the signature sauce which contained paprika, nutmeg, dark pepper, mustard seed and cumin.


Guernsey butter to go with the bread and olive oil and cured.

Dutch Potato Boutique

The Stripes menu had lots of unique side dishes and what really stood out was the potato group which on the menu was called Dutch Potato Boutique. Tie on the nosebag potatoes is so ingrained in Dutch culture that even Vincent van Gogh consecrate a painting to it called “De Aardappeleters“. I was in heaven as I am a big lover of potatoes. So we opted for a routine potato, the Opperdoezer which is grown and hand picked in the North Holland hamlet of Opperdoes. It has a low starch content and has a very rich flavor, they were surely delicious.


Traditional potato, the Opperdoezer

Then we opted for a fondant potato varnished with butter and chives, this tasted amazing too.


Fondant potato shellacked with butter and chives

Delicious Desserts

It makes improve sense to go for some local traditional Dutch choices when it show up to the dessert treats. Here we opted for Poffertjes, which are mini pancakes, with obscure chocolate mousse and strawberry compote.


We certainly had to try the Stroopwafel (caramel syrup waffle) with cinnamon ice-cream. I withed how they poured the final caramel sauce over the ice-cream. It was astonishing to eat, although a bit rich.



It’s so important that the Sheraton being so niggardly to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, a 2 minute walk to be exact, to be on tendency and leading the way with airport overnight stays. Travelling can be entirely exhausting and jet lag is something we are all too familiar with. The Stripes restaurant was impudent, modern and neutral. The Stripes menu offers the perfect stability of cuisines whilst also reminding you of what Holland has to furnish. The food was made with quality ingredients and was executed to the letter. For those not staying at the Sheraton, the Stripes restaurant is well good a visit. Eat well before catching a flight, as airline sustenance will never ever match this quality. Set up sure to have a nice pre dinner drink before preceding into the restaurant. We loved the atmosphere here and the massive colander creates some nice music entertainment. Thanks Sheraton and Kidneys for a great stay and lovely meal.

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Bar and breakfast area next to stripes restaurant. Great for pre dinner snifters or after dinner drinks.


  • Cost: €80 to €100 for 3 routine meal with drinks.
  • Website (you can make reservations here): www.sheratonamsterdamairporthotel.com/persuasions
  • Address: Schiphol Boulevard 101, 1118 BG Schiphol, Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 20 3164357