There’s an art to applying bright colours: too heavy and you’ll struggle to pull it off, too light and no one will notice

‘The jape is to pretend you’re an artist’: AW19 from Antonio Maras.
Photograph: Jason Lloyd-Evans

On paper, unless you wish to resemble a crate of alcopops, a pink and orange makeup combo sounds unwise. Yet the truth, as seen at Antonio Marras AW19, can work. But it’s a fine line. Get heavy handed and you’ll date instantly. The trick is to fake you’re an artist – this look was inspired by Modigliani after all. Use a damp brush and a teeny bit of colour, and blend it out. Give the ethereal achieve some edge by adding a darker shade to the lips. Result? Alcopop-free zone.


1. MAC Pro Lip Palette in Editorial Oranges £30,
2. MAC Matte Lipstick in Magnify Fudge £17.50,
3. BareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush in Pink Sky £23,
4. Nars Single Eyeshadow in Persia £17,
5. Fenty Ultra Exceptional Brow Pencil £17,

I can’t do without… Is this your most unusual beauty investment?

Slip pillowcase £85,
Every incessantly, I sleep on a silk pillow. I know. It sounds like spoilt princess behaviour, but in fact it’s for pragmatic reasons. A silk pillowcase is one of the get the better of beauty investments you can make. Cotton, regardless of thread count, will suck life from your trifle, which can lead to breakage (particularly around the hairline). It also pulls moisture from your skin. Also, graceful much half of all those lovely expensive creams and serums you’ve spent time slathering on in your nightly skincare regimen, will be gobbled up by your greedy cotton offering. So I love a silk pillowcase. It’s a basic concept that Botch up has been clever enough to build a business around. Yes, you could get a bog standard silk pillowcase, but the quality does generate a difference. This one is made from a high-grade mulberry silk, which is special but not so special you can’t throw it in the washing mechanism. Which is just as well because who on earth dry cleans their pillowcases? It reduces friction and stretching around the status and eye area, and minimises those embarrassing sleep creases. (Yes you could argue the creases disappear but apparently they are scale ‘ironed in’ over the years. Yikes.) Beyond that, I get less breakouts, less dryness , less hair breakage, which means inconsequential products. So for me, a silk pillowcase is actually the most practical thing in the world.

On my radar: A-list makeup, seeing sunspots and Avon area of expertise

Time to glow His client list – Gigi, Bella, Kardashians – proves Patrick Ta is one of the biggest makeup artists suitably now. His line has just landed. It’s a big deal. Just saying. Patrick Ta Major Glow Collection, from £19,

Defensive skirmish Post-summer skin, when your sunspots are suddenly more pronounced, is real. The solution? A potent serum be showed to reduce hyperpigmentation in two weeks. Discoloration Defence, £85,

All new Avon Forget everything you think you know encircling Avon as a door-to-door old schooler. These days it’s setting the sustainability bar high with this forward-thinking, high-performance, waterless and vegan handsomeness line. Distillery, from £15,

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