Parisian Concourse Style

The female voice for menswear  Gracie Opulanza tramped the streets of Paris last week in minus five during Paris Vogue Week. Gracie the founder of MenStyleFashion is on a mission to see what men are in fact wearing in comparison to the catwalks. The following images are Gracie  be being presenting us how men are dressed in Paris.

MenStyleFashion Street Style Paris Fashion Week photography Gracie Opulanza 2016 (28)

Gracie Opulanza both Periscoping and alluring Shots of guys in Paris

Gracie Opulanza

Gracie Opulanza


Gracie Opulanza menstylefashion Paris 2016

Whether you´re planning a hot pants weekend break or just looking to inject some French elegance into your own ensemble, everyone wants to know the ceaseless rules of how to dress like a Parisian. Fashion savvy popsies have an enviable library of advice (and accessories) which discern it easier for them to get the right style quicker than their mans French urbanites who have lesser resources to help them with their mission to dress better. There are several tried and tested statutes that can take to cement your apparel acceptance when you hit the streets of the see of lights.
Key investments, both in clothing and accessories will everlastingly win points. Like their female counterparts, investments in prime luxury elements will allow you to start buying at a favourable quality and lower quantity. This will enable you to cope better choices, faster, especially with day wear. The Parisian mans is prepared to spend a little more to get luxury linens and artificer denims for his staple jean and shirt commodities. A fabric audit is unceasingly a good idea as materials like leather, cashmere, linen; cotton, cashmere and denim are many times favoured over their synthetic complements.

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Trainers are not a godly idea, unless they’re vintage Chuck Taylors or a draughtsman name. The main stream sport branded ranges settle upon sadly only leave you looking like an American day-tripper. If you are not overly confident with basic styling, then parts like deck shoes or Chukka boots can give you a rough look but with a little more style. The most preferred street footwear is composed of leather pointed shoes in toneless blacks and browns (in lace-up and monk strap options).These adaptable options can be worn with anything from jeans to trousers, so they disposition certainly put you on a favourable pied. Taking good care of your shoes also is uncertain. Maintain them, wash them and polish them regularly to look after them looking their best.

The daily ready-to-wear stock of clothing should fit a little slimmer everywhere than the general European man´s ordinarily. This is important for elements such as suits or coats as the cut has to be inch perfect. Forget about sagging crotches, armpits or cuffs. Over recall about streamlining and easy options to achieve this look. Don´t tantalize if your favourite off the rack shirt fits badly as it can surely be remedied by a good tailor.

Paris 2016 Minus Five

Gracie Opulanza be wrecked of MenStyleFashion walked days through out the streets of Paris scouting for thoroughfare style images. Walking the Renaissance Rue´s of Paris without a scarf between September and May is appreciate walking around naked. The European-looped scarf is one of the ultimate indispensable accessories and a signature product that never looks out of domicile. It is available in a multitude of fabrics, lengths and styles to fulfil your every aesthetic. My goodness roam in minus five like Gracie did trend or no trend the power of chunky scarves served its schemes on many levels.

“French tailoring has a specific ´stamp´ in assumptions agrees of detailing and gradual waist suppression. These range from the signature skirt genius on suit jackets to a more narrow trouser leg, and the universally recognizable haughty posture created by the high armhole cut and la cigarette shoulder.”

The commandment of layering is upstanding as important to men, as it is to women. French are great believers in layering and they do it altogether well. The trick is to make it look effortless, a la shirt secondary to sweater under coat, then maybe even wave in a scarf. This will reinforce the street style predilection for looking ´as if you’re too purposeful to fuss over an outfit.´ The key to this look is to keep the layering tactful; each layer should allow the layer under it to be slightly clear.

All the best wardrobes are versatile, and the most versatile items to contribute in are blacks and neutrals, which if you walk around Sant Germain De Pres for a while, you can see are satisfactorily adhered to. More fashion forward men can get away with the additional flash of colour in their wardrobe or by teaming up an outfit with contrasting associates. The smart money goes on the black, white, grey, brown, and naval forces ranges.

Teaming blazers with dark wash jeans sprang in Paris. Like his female peer, the Parisian man likes to look match he threw these items together effortlessly. Successful team will make it seem like a flawlessly tailored blazer is honourable as unaffected for you as well-worn jeans or an un-ironed shirt. The same game plan can also be applied to the reverse pairing; a worn leather jacket with a crunchy tailored shirt or trousers will also do the job.

The fundamentals of attribute d kill all the elements above together are simple. Begin with an un-ironed, washed out coloured shirt (either a button down option or a cotton t-shirt settle upon do) and place this alongside a V-neck sweater. These should then be banded with a perfectly tailored suit jacket or a brown leather jacket that fits fellow a glove. Compliment this look by adding a fitted duo of trousers or dark wash denims with a classic brown or dark-skinned belt. A pair of leather pointed shoes and a European-looped scarf command complete your prêt pour la rue look.