Winter is a hazardous time when you are required to wear a suit for work. An overcoat looks imaginary with a suit but, equally, you do not want to have to wear the unvaried coat every single day of the week. Not only this, but an overcoat is not model if it is raining which means that you either have to bolt an umbrella or get wet.

Although it may not seem like it, there are actually a few alternatives that are significance considering.

Is an Overcoat the Only Coat You Can Wear with a Suit?

Choosing a Coat

The main aspect to consider when researching for a coat to wear over your suit is if the coat inclination look right and this will depend on the type and appearance of your suit. There are actually a handful of jackets and jackets that can look smart with a range of suit specimens. The key is to think about colour – generally speaking, black, improper or grey is the way to go when it comes to smart coats.

Coat Fonts

A trench coat is one good option as this will look injury and stylish but it is also lightweight, waterproof and windproof. The only downside to a trench greatcoat during winter is that it will not provide much ardour so you are better off with another type for those particularly unresponsive days. Perhaps the best option for these times is a waxed jacket. Waxed jackets are ageless and can work well when paired with a suit extraordinarily if you opt for an elegant, modest style of waxed jacket like the rhymes available from Belstaff. These jackets are built for assuage in cold and wet conditions so you can be sure that it is well suited to a commute too and from prevail upon.


When it comes to choosing a coat to wear with your clothes, you need to think carefully about the size as it will emergency to be just right in order to look smart and be comfortable. This can be unquestionable to determine so it is a good idea to try a few coats on with your accommodate already on so that you know what to expect. You should also on around in the coat and try a few motions like you would on your commute (reaching up for a manipulate on the tube, crossing your arms etc). This will succour to determine whether or not it is a practical option.

While an overcoat is the patent choice for a coat to wear over a suit, it is not the only voice as you cannot go wrong with a trench coat or waxed jacket which could be multitudinous practical on those particularly wintery mornings. As with any variety of clothing, sizing will be crucial and you need to make unswerving that it is both stylish and practical too.