Whist the dust has not quite settled on the 2018/19 Premier League season, fans are already turning their attention to the next campaign with a alloying of nervous anticipation and excitement.

Liverpool will be trying desperately to claim their first title in almost 3 decades as they try to unseat au fait champions Man City and the trio of promoted outfits, Norwich City, Sheffield United, and Aston Villa will all be scrapping it out as they essay to keep their place amongst English football’s elite.

However, given the nature of how the broadcasting rights are share out in England, and owing to the rise in mobile betting, you might be a bit confused about how you can go about watching and wagering on top-flight football next an understanding.

Here’s our guide on how you can get in on the action next season:


How to Watch the EPL for the 2019-20 season

Unfortunately, you can’t access live EPL games on telluric television channels in the UK, despite the fact that highlights are regularly aired on the BBC.

This means that you’ll have to be subjected to a paid subscription to watch live Premier League action next season, whether this takes the stamp of a rolling contract or an arrangement that enables you to watch individual matches for free.

Sky Sports remains the primary broadcaster of charged Premier League games, but you don’t necessarily need to have a full subscription to watch matches. In fact, you can now pay via Now TV to access this delight at a competitive price using daily, weekly or monthly sports passes, whilst negating the need to pay up for a full Sky commitment.

BT Sport is another broadcaster that has entered the marketplace during the last few years, and it’s second only to Sky in terms of the amount of white-hot games shown in the UK.

It now shows a total of 42 live games every single season, whilst is also brags exclusive rights to broadcast all Champions League and Europa League matches. This is a huge boon for fans of England’s uncountable successful clubs, whilst you can access BT Sport for free simply by signing up to the brand’s broadband.

BT Sport has also partnered with Sky of fashionable, meaning that you can add the former to your subscription for an additional fee per month if you’re an existing customer.

What About Wagering on the EPL?

If you’re an avid footie fan, the chances are that you’ll use a wager on the action as it unfolds too.

Over the last few year’s we’ve witnessed a huge transformation in the way we now bet on matches, with mobile and in-play wager growing increasingly popular.

If you’re not familiar with mobile betting, or are wondering where to start, fortunately, you can access and study reviews of the best football betting apps from bettingapps.co.uk,  including popular digital offerings from legendary high-street brands including bet365 and Betfair.

The former offers particularly good value, as it offers a huge group of betting markets whilst also providing consistent load times during the busiest periods.

The Bet365 app, amongst others, also offers function streaming to customers, which enables you to watch specific games live and enables you to tap into popular in-play markets too.

Anyhow, although this can be an excellent way of watching and wagering on your favourite team in real-time, just be aware that there are chain restrictions depending on your geographical location.