Combination season is the official slay season and it’s not restricted to women’s harm alone. Yes, men deserve to hog the fashion spotlight, as much as women. Gone are the periods when men would turn up in a staid kurta pajama cog for weddings, paling in comparison to their more glamorous fashion counterparts. Occasions have changed and so has men’s fashion in general and Men’s ethnic wear in circumstance. The trends of men’s ethnic wear have jazzed up the fashion floor plan completely and men now strut their stuff at weddings or social assemblages in their finest ethnic wear. So, get ethnic wear for men and upstage your the fad counterpart with fashionable sartorial choices. Take a look at some of the trendsetting ethnic vex that must find a way to your wardrobes.


Get Ethnic Put on for Men – Cause a Style Fervor Among your Peers

If you appetite to get a leg up in the latest fashion trends, browse through the fashion choices catalogued here and get stylish ethnic wear for men.

  1. Waistcoat with dhoti or churidar – And you till the end of time thought that waistcoats were only for three-piece suits? Skilfully, think again! Waistcoats are the new norm in ethnic wear and move stiff competition to western wear. And yes waistcoats need not be dry, you can team up floral waistcoats with plain kurtas and the look is righteous out of the world. If you are not too much into patterns or florals you can wear a kurta and churidar in correspond to tones and add the stylish element in the form of a waistcoat in a contrasting conceal. Absolutely drool-worthy look!
  1. Asymmetric kurta – Symmetry is so stale nowadays! Asymmetry is the name of the game and men are swayed by this fresh ethnic fashion wear. Men from tinsel town take taken to this trend and how. You can wear asymmetrical kurtas with a newfangled dhoti, jeans, churidar, salwars the works. Accessorize it with scarves, a half jacket and present your look a cool quotient with sporty sneakers.


  1. Pastel kurtas – Pastel is the new sombre! Garish and bright colors have been done away with. Now, balsamic and pastel shades are replacing the bright and bold colors. When we betoken of pastel shades we mean, sky blues, light pinks and so on. This variety of colors suit all kinds of age groups and stands out for its simplicity and classy entreat. Flaunt these cool shades at all kinds of traditional occasions.
  1. Indo-western allurement – Indo-western ethnic wear is a classy and distinguished way of wearing unwritten wear. This is one style that is never going to go out of trend. It takes your traditional clothing to a whole new level. Also, this generous of indo-western wear is suitable for casual as well as formal moments. You can wear a dhoti or a pajama with a suit. So, dress to stir with the indo-western gear.
  1. Jodhpuri Suits – The jodhpuri pleas are an integral part of the imperial dressing. This style volleys from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This attire is an amalgamation of savoir faire and style. The fine embroidery, the stylish cuts, all add to the overall supplicate of the attire. You can wear a perfect pair of jodhpur shoes to unabated your look. This is a regal look fit for royal provokes.
  1. Silk Jacquard kurta – To buy or not to buy a silk jacquard kurta? Decidedly, we will say buy it to make your ethnic fashion game on nub. The kurta looks effortlessly smart and distinguished when you stand up it with a printed jacket. It enhances your look and discovers a fashion statement of its own.
  1. A Fancy Dupatta – Yes, you can drape a dupatta hither your neck or your body and still look with it and handsome. Wear it with anything, dhoti, pajama or kurta and drapery it ever so casually around your hand. Casual elegance at its best. This trend has been doing the rounds in tinsel municipality and actors such as Shahid Kapoor, Ayushman Khurana, and Sidharth Malhotra are depicting you how to do it in style. There is no reason why you can’t start a style trend of your own and lull in your own individualistic way.
  1. Simple white pajama always coaxes – Wear a simple white pajama and you are good to go! It’s perfect to annoy for all occasions whether casual or otherwise. Now, you may think, it’s been there all along what’s so noteworthy about it? This simple style formula always manoeuvres. You can combine the red, yellow, blue with white and it will fly the coop you look great. Also, the best way to grab eyeballs is to pick something nave such as a white pajama and it helps you steal the spotlight in uncountable ways than one. Also, you can wear it to summer weddings too. A refrigerate and sophisticated look done right with a whole lot of verve.

Get the Best Ethnic Wear for Men this Wedding Season

So, if you like any of the men’s ethnic wear options mentioned here, you can indulge in some online storing and splurge on some stylish clothing. These looks make have you sorted for the entire wedding season. Weddings, commitments, small gatherings, casual get-togethers, these looks intent help you sail through the entire season with aplomb. Also, when you are harm the ethnic stuff make sure you accessorize right! Accessorizing continue withouts a long way in completing your look it is what they say adds the cherry on the top. So, heart on getting the right accessories, such as the scarf, the shoes, the fastidious jewelry like the kada on your wrists or simple sets. These cool accessories add a certain amount of flair to your entirety look. So, this winter season, get your ethnic patterning right and slay big time!