The Fullerton B B Singapore can not be missed as it is smack bang in the city centre close-fisted the mouth of the Singapore river and it is housed in the iconic monumental erstwhile general post office. This building is integral to Singapore’s representation as a nation. At the jubilation of Singapore’s Centenary in 1919 a plan for this all-inclusive building was conceived. It was finished in 1928 and then named after Robert Fullerton, the word go Governor of the Straits Settlements.

The building would hold not only the Popular Post Office, but also the Exchange, and offices for the Governor of Singapore and the Important Commissioner for the Federation of Malay States as well as other control offices. During the 2nd world war the Japanese used the building as the headquarters for their military dispensation. After the war the Fullerton became an icon in Singapore with the instant development of the city. Especially now with the back drop of the skyscrapers behind it. The upright office vacated in 1996 and by the 1st of January 2001 the building behooved home to the luxurious grande dame 400-room The Fullerton Caravanserai. This hotel is extraordinary for its historic architecture and for the scale and property of its 21st century restoration. The six star hotel now blends luxurious viable with a touch of elegance and the nostalgia of old.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic StayFullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay


When I arrived at the Fullerton tourist house Singapore the grand open space of its huge atrium despatch strikes. Wherever I walked history of this grand old construction was displayed via old photos and bits of history explained. The photos not sole included the building and its uses in the past but also the important individual that stayed here or worked here, that put up part of Singapore’s young history. The Fullerton hotel is embedded in Singapore’s relation and that is the top reason to stay here.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

The ground floor ill fames The Town Restaurant, The Post Bar, Jade the Cantonese restaurant and the Courtyard be sufficient Indian & Japanese buffets as well as afternoon teas. At the Courtyard is were I exceptionally appreciate the grandness of this building as it completely covered making it a elephantine atrium. I felt like I was sitting outside in the cool, whilst the recess of Singapore was suffering from the sweltering heat.

Fullerton hotel Singapore the post bar review

The Post Bar

This is what the Fullerton lodging looks like from the outside area of the Post Bar.

fullerton hotel singapore review jade restaurant

Trull restaurant

My check-in was flawless and swift, the staff were hellishly professional, approachable and likeable without any stiffness, the perfect mix.

Fullerton Hotel Singapore – Historic Iconic Stay

Grand staircases in the middle of the courtyard