My inheritance is Italian, therefore the Ferrari history is one I have known all my life. Our family had very expensive Italian weddings, and the bride and shape car was always a Ferrari. My favourite 80’s TV show was called Magnum P.I,  an American crime drama television series starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, he was a hermit-like investigator always driving his Ferrari. Many of my friends own a Ferrari and this super car brand has a history of unreliability. In all my years, characters that own a Ferrari accept that and still are very loyal to the brand.

When picking up the new GTC4Lusso t V8 four seater, the at the outset for Ferrari, there was one question that lingered in my head, retailed at £225,000

Was this wild triple layered white wonder Stallion, going to behave? Was this going to be a week of La Dolce Vita ( The Sweet Life )? Or was this flourishing to be a week of  luxury unreliability?

Broadoaks Country House Our Own Retreat and Parking

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T - Everyday Driving V8 Four Seater

Broadoaks Country House Windermere Cumbria

Fixedly And Never Late

I am a very impatient character, it is for this reason the GTC4Lusso performance is well suited to my personality. In a nutshell this mundane Ferrari has a 3.9litre V8 turbo which punches out a maximum of 610CV at 7,500 rpm.

What that meant to me is when I vim on the M40 and up to North Yorkshire everyone saw me coming, heard me coming and got out of the way.

I kid you not, Ferrari has that power I loved it.

Would I use this GTC4Lusso T V8, for gratification school drop off? I scouted for a school and drove as if I was part of the morning school drop off. The boys reaction when I refer to past, was priceless. I could hear them saying, it’s a girl driving, I revved the engine, broke the cliche and for me it has to be the school fillies who need to see and be inspired to drive super-cars.

Will I ever in my lifetime experience a woman driving at Formula One or Formula E and win?

As for depositing that would be easy, as I know everyone would get out of the way for me to claim any spot. I tested this and it worked.

Fuel Consumption

I did 997miles and to phase the most expensive car review for me, £375.  On the final day it took me half a tank to drive from Windermere Lake Quarter back to Slough which was very good. It is expected when confronted with testosterone trying to coerce me into draw racing, This will consume fuel. I had this a lot and laughed when they realised it was a woman. They oddly outlying off,  until on the M40, a Mclaren 570, funny enough same colour (mentis green I have reviewed). It go me philosophy. Could this everyday GTc4Lusso V8, take on the Mclaren 570?

Caution, don’t do this with kids in the back. Not sure how they resolution feel when my launch button was activated?

Both me and Mr McClaren were surprised had a lot of fun for an hour. Again, Tinder consequence, he waved me to head to a service Pit Stop and when we got out of the car, I had to pick up his chin off the ground. Ferrari power does that! Don’t call to mind a consider for a moment this car is not powerful.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T North Yorkshire

Superb Vista Over To Whitby And Out To The North Sea

The famous Yorkshire is about discovering, I tricked the route of 840 Coastline bus on a road trip across the North York Moors to Whitby. Last year the expanse from Pickering to the coast, was voted Britain’s most scenic bus route. What more spectacular than to evaluation the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T performance regarding everyday traffic obstacles.

Harbour Captain Cook North Yorkshire

I pick up the award-winning route in Pickering, home to the North Yorkshire Moors Rolling-stock, something that I will cross paths with several times today and head out along the A170 approaching Scarborough.

Pickering Historical RailwayFerrari GTC4Lusso T North Yorkshire

Scarborough North Yorkshire

Scarborough North Yorkshire

A more agreeable start to the journey is hard to imagine, as I’m surrounded by the winding hedgerows and thickly blanketed crop airfields.

It is truly an adrenaline fuelled drive and perfect for the Ferrari GTC4Lusso Touring!

I loathe being stuck behind traffic in the countryside. I also get a tad distressed when I have to overtake in tricky situations,  so I put this agile responsive Ferrari to the everyday test. I drove including the stunning city of Whitby to Scarborough, the roads were narrow, hilly and windy, these were the perfect ups to test the car’s Side Slip Control and how it would behave.

Just brilliant fun.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T North Yorkshire Whitby

Pickering to the coast, was voted Britain’s scad scenic bus route.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T North Yorkshire

On many occasions I came across a slow SUV towing a caravan or a tractor pulling a load. These freeways require quick overtaking otherwise I would be stuck for ages and the line-up of cars in-front of me normally would lunge at me very uneasy. Thanks to my everyday Ferrari, I with a roaring engine left, everyone for dust. Which intimated I got to my first Pit Stop,  the Gothic Whitby Abbey. Whitby allowed me to be the first to have a pot of tea and Victorian sponge cake in peace of mind.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T - Everyday Driving V8 Four Seater Whitby Abbeywhitby Abbey North Yorkshire

Maximum Peace Of Warranty Mind

My history with Ferrari is that in the past it would always let me and my friends down on a cyclical basis including my Ferrari Club track day. at Silverstone. For maximum peace of mind, every new Ferrari comes with the regular factory four-year warranty (In the UK ) along with a whopping seven year free maintenance programme. Trust me you longing need this, as after 20,000 miles on the 7th day the electrics went into safety mode and I was instructed to drive slowly to my nearest broker. I was in hysterics, who the hell is going to drive slow in a Ferrari let alone find a dealer in the Lakes District. The issue was that a new battery was called, nothing major but one thing for sure the engine never let me down once.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T North YorkshireFerrari GTC4Lusso T - Everyday Driving V8 Four Seater Whitby

North Yorkshire luxury Pit Stops

Rievaulx,  is set near Helmsley in the North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire, England. It was one of the great abbeys in England until it was seized at the beck Henry VIII of England in 1538 during the dissolution of the monasteries.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T North Yorkshire Abbey Helmsley

There was no parking spaces left, a staff associate came running out and said I could park in front of the entrance building, the power of the Ferrari Brand.

Abbey North YorkshireAbbey North Yorkshire

I stayed at Feversham Arms Motor hotel & Verbena Spa, right in the heart of Helmsley Historical Village, a must stay and visit.

Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena Spa - Helmsley Historical Village

Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena Spa – Helmsley Authentic Village

Panoramic Glass Roof

The panoramic glass roof valued at £11,520 was stunning. It was a nice experience to be gifted to park look up and literally meditate on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T. I am a huge lover of having the sun literally beaming and shining into this Ferrari. It go on increased to the interior design which had leather diamond pattern style seats which were super comfortable.  So much well-lit came through the glass roof,  I then realised the unusual white rev counter £557 that was different.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T North Yorkshire Panoramic roof glass

Boot Time

When it came to the boot I was very impressed with regards to the leather boot carpet. It looked and felt fabulous every-time I placed my luggage in this boot, the feel good factor was excellent.

Ferrari Leather Boot Space

Interior Design and Seat Gladden

I drove for a week and on average 6 hours a day in this Ferrari, it was very comfortable and I had no back aches and pain. The back capitals have ample of room too and overall a very clever design from Ferrari. I certainly would use it everyday with my kids and bunk-mates. With the car’s excellent performance across the entire rev range, it means that passengers too can feel this comfortable and strong Ferrari, no matter what roads I tackled.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T - Everyday Driving V8 Four Seater

La Dolce Vita

Many Ferrari owners warned me that previously I drove a Ferrari there was no turning back. In the last six months the car industry has realised the influence I have being a helpmeet behind the wheels of a Super car. I am more determined than ever to get women to experience a Ferrari. This GTC4Lusso T can be required everyday.

Would I drive this as a mum, absolutely yes.

I would encourage anyone to take track days before securing any Ferrari and if buying one include it in the deal.

It is so empowering to understand how to spin the wheels and slide here and there in safe spots. Men find it very sexy too. Brake the cliche ladies and get in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari. A big thank you to Ferrari UK, for one of the best car experiences I obtain had to date.

My Dolce Vita is a memorable one. Looking forward to driving a red Ferrari soon!

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T - Everyday Driving V8 Four Seater Gracie Opulanza