If you little glasses were just a way to improve your eyesight, then meditate on again.

After ten years of austerity that seemed to hit eyewear organization as hard as hit pockets, it’s time to change up those dull, tortoise-shell shells and embrace the excitement of full Technicolor eye fashion.

If your Hipster beard is on the cutting flat floor, those little, round metal glasses purposefulness start to look insipid, so open your eyes to a unbelievable of designer eyewear.

Most of the household, fashion brands approve out their name to big box producers so that there is very crumb worthwhile design and quality in the frames but dig a little deeper and there is some totally cool spectivity out there so that you can find eyewear to evidence think about your personality.

MSF just visited Silmo in Paris, the largest and funkiest optical shoppers show on the planet. This is where the worlds of eyewear and approach blur and we were delighted to see that the press room was take up residence in by as many fashion journos as trade mags. 1200 exhibitors articulate their watch of the future of optics from Armani to Zegna, from Anne et Valentin to Zeiss.

kirkandkirk eyewear

Eyewear Production Trends

This coming of age has been a little painful. When optical ogres Luxottica bought Rayban twenty years ago, they spurt a fortune making glasses ‘cool’. “Geek trendy”, “spexy mofo”, slipped into our vocabulary and all of a hasty all the young dudes were wearing frames, whether they needed them or not. In the cafes of Shoreditch, Edwardian kind embraced tortoise shell, crystal and black NHS shapes.

Warby Parker be cleared on the scene driving prices down with their online merely mantra (they currently have 64 bricks and mortar supplies across the US). Specsavers blossomed with their price toured retail and superb advertising campaigns. Given how expensive it can be to buy lorgnons, it comes as no surprise that  ‘value’ retailers have had such an colliding…but you get what you pay for.

It’s a natural response to the bland eyewear of the last decade that the latest thing leaders go in the opposite direction. Hong Kong designer, Rigards, can be relied upon for enticing and innovative creations. Working in unusual materials such as Magnesium and Copper, architect Ti Kwa re-interprets some established ideas as well as bringing his bodily brand of innovation.

There was beautiful understatement from Italian eyewear interior decorators, Hapter. An interesting blend of rubber and steel creates a corresponding exactly collection, which has its own personality but is extremely easy to wear.

Kirk&Kirk Misrepresent Palette Trends

British eyewear company, Kirk & Kirk, did not be in effect back on their colour palette. Instead of the usual acetate, these attitudes are handmade from acrylic, which means that they weigh nothing, ignoring their chunky appearance.

Other great independent eyewear authors include Theo, Anne et Valentin, and Jacques Marie Mage. In any event you will not find any of these in the large groups or optical secure stores but it is worth seeking out some great independent optical markets to find out more about what is out there. These cats travel the world looking for the latest and greatest to take your eyewear from the important to the flattering.

kirkandkirk eyewear

kirkandkirk eyewear

Eye Test Tips

You are also more likely to get a universal eye test with a small, boutique optician where the objective is not just to whip you though the exam quickly and focus on over persuading but to ensure that the hugely important medical aspect of your go is given the attention it deserves.

There are some great online resources for discovering deliberate eyewear. Check out Eyestylist.com that places eyewear in surroundings with art, fashion and design or laespejuelos.com a bilingual Spanish/English blog. Beautoptician.com combinations the worlds of eyewear and fashion and luxuryeyewearforum.com introduces some enticing eyewear companies.

Look after your eyes. A unspoilt eye test can save your life, let alone your shade as the eyes offer an important” insight into general haleness.

The cost of great eyewear means that most of us do not buy magnifying glasses all that often so, when you do, make sure that you get moulds that you love wearing. Don’t settle for ‘they’ll do”. There is some astounding and beautiful eyewear out there. Enjoy it. After all they are fair in the middle of your face.

Gracie Opulanza founder of MenStyleFashion, has haggard Kirk&Kirk since 2015. In her own words, when your longevity next too TV presenter, Maggie Alfonsi, for British Rugby. 

I have need of all the eyesight and eyewear confidence I can get.

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