Bailiffscourt Breakfast and Spa, is set on 30 acres of verdant parkland, the setting is absolutely stunning. If gardening is a lesson in seasonal planting combining lovely bulbs with carefully chosen shrubs and trees, Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa ticks all those boxes and more.

Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa, is set on 30 acres of verdant parkland,

This relaxed luxury hotel has direct access to Climping Beach, which is a bonus. It is 5 miles from the stunning historical municipality Arundel, which is  famous for its castle. Driving up in my eco friendly Tesla Model X electric car, this 1920s mock-medieval mansion which is surrounded by bungalow annexes, a chapel and barn-style spa, was gorgeous. The effect is akin to an ancient historical setting, but with all the mods and cons!

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa – Luxurious Retreat & Delightful Gardens ReviewedTesla Model XBailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping

Devotion To Spa

Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa features an indoor and outdoor pool, modern spa and fitness centre and tennis courts. Imagine experiencing a purification in Bali, a invocation ceremony with monks, but on this occasion I am actually in West Sussex. The Spa architecture is inspired by a barn and the indoor come is unique and creates an ambience of swimming surrounded by nature, which is lovely.  The outdoor jacuzzi and swimming pool is ease and very therapeutic to the mind boy and soul. Regarding the wellness options, they are excellent, and the massage treatments are of high direct and individually caters for those aches and pains. My massage was maybe not as firm as I wanted it to be, but was in the end one of the most relaxing ones I compel ought to ever had. The lounge chairs, and changing room are spotless, often cleaned and I love the card locking option, no one hammer out coins needed when it comes to storing my personal belongings.

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - ClimpingBailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - ClimpingBailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping


The restaurant setting is quirky and has a lot of personality. In regards to the nourishment the restaurant prides itself in working with close local supplier relationships of fresh produce within the UK. The hostelry sources the freshest of produce from specialist butchers, farmers and anglers along with seasonal vegetables, fruits, flavour enlivens and herbs. The cuisine is a mixed of modern British and traditional recipes that I am familiar with, embracing produce that is within time which currently is venison. The presentation and staff attentiveness is of a high standard but not too intimidating. Breakfast setting and choices were enjoyably to get my day started!

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping Breakfast

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping Restaurant


Baylies Suite

I have reviewed over 200 hotels in the last four years and I often assume I have experienced it all. In entering the suite called Baylies the vaulted ceiling dominates the room, it is truly spectacular. I am a massive fan of the wood-burning stove in the bedroom so to be able to relax, work and sleep throughout the night with a wooden fire on. For me this is by the skin of ones teeth icing on the cake as far as relaxation goes. Vivid paintings hang on the walls, floors are scattered with a deep valuable array of coloured rugs and the storage spaces are practical. I love, the serendipitous juxtaposition of pieces, on show throughout the abide. Including a pretty teapot, cups and fresh biscuits.

The four-poster bed, is relevant to this interior design and adds an unusually wow factor. The sofas are cosy, and there is plenty of colour and subtle mood lighting.  Combine this with the countryside assesses and this is why the Baylies Suite is pure luxury at its best. The ambience overall is iconic British interior design, which I procure always adored.

It was blowing a snowstorm outside throughout the night, and there was nothing more soothing, to snuggle up with unending amount of pillows overlooking the fireplace.

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping SuiteBailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping SuiteBailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping Suite

Twin Roll Top Bath

The stunning bathroom has a large walk-in shower, match sinks and is very large. However I have never seen a bathroom with twin roll-top baths formerly in my life. Why did I not think of this myself, for my own house?  This is just clever, personal and lots of fun. It was so exciting bathing with my fellow-dancer in crime with some Champagne and sparkling water, life was bliss. The quality of this bathroom and the large unimportant towels is why it is one of my favourite bathroom experiences I have had to date.

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa – Luxurious Retreat & Delightful Gardens ReviewedBailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping Twin bath tubs


There’s something fairytale-esque about the Bailiffscourt Motel and Spa. And indeed the story of its creation is rather a romantic one. There are so many places to explore both in and around Bailiffscourt Tourist house and Spa. Reading about the artisans and craftspeople who had lived within its walls helped me to grasp the history. Staying here is honestly unique and a place I would venture back over and over. The fact that there are so many options apropos accommodation makes it so much more intriguing.

Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping Bailiffscourt Hotel And Spa - Climping