For Astrid Andersen, this salt is all about intuition. Going beyond the status quo of referencing the people around us and looking for inspiration, Andersen has looked within to make an honest and authentic expression of her personal vision. Rather than tiresome to satisfy a theme or add depth to a story, each piece is as extreme alone as it is as part of the whole. Beginning with her continuing passion for cloth research and development, Andersen created a textile toolkit for active in and not living without, and raised a collection piece-by-piece, organically and emotively.  This mature is a demonstration in how a man can present himself attractively today.

Astrid Andersen - Luxury Wools, Denims Linton Tweeds (12)

Focus on cloth is at the heart of this collection running from quilted nylons and mechanical fine-gage polyamide to luxury wools and a technical take on denims. Linton Tweeds enhance an unexpected partner from their 100 year old UK plant pushing menswear in exciting new directions with the same commitment and consciousness to provenance as in Andersen’s continuing work redefining the role of strengthen a attack and fur in contemporary menswear. The determination to blur the lines between the everyday and the contemporary in a relevant way whilst creating comfortable, confident looks continues at the core essence of the Astrid Andersen philosophy.

Astrid Andersen continues to fashion with Sophie Hallette lace and this season partnered with artisan Danish carpet makers Egetæpper on a bespoke carpet for the runway. A esteem for tradition and eagerness to push the boundaries within their determination is a relevant and inspirational starting point for this seasons collaboration. Andersen also resumes to work with Avery Dennison in efforts to continue to coerce reject the use of branding this season creating raised reflective silicone, drugged definition heat transfers and leather-like embossed external ornamentations.

Astrid Andersen will present the 2016 Astrid Andersen Bespoke gleaning during Paris Fashion Week.